DARPA Solicitation Number SN03-13: Pre-Solicitation Notice: COMBAT ZONES THAT SEE (CTS)

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Solicitation Number: SN03-13

Notice Type: Presolicitation

Synopsis: PRE-SOLICITATION ANNOUNCEMENT: COMBAT ZONES THAT SEE (CTS): The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Information Exploitation Office (IXO) intends to publish a Broad Agency Announcement on or before 25 March 2003 on the Combat zones That See (CTS) Program. A Briefing to Industry (BTI) is scheduled for 27 March 2003 to be held in Arlington, VA. For further information on location and pre-registration, reference URL: http://www.schafercorp-ballston.com/bti2003. Pre-registration for the CTS BTI is mandatory. Persons not pre-registered will be turned away at meeting check-in and will not be allowed to register at the meeting. Pre-registered persons will be required to show government-issued identification (i.e., driver?s license, etc.) at meeting check-in. Interested organizations should register by 20 March 2003 via WWW at http://www.schafercorp-ballston.com/bti2003. The purpose of the CTS Briefing to Industry (BTI) is to provide and clarify the general vision for the project, the project structure and schedule, technology components, and contracting mechanisms. All briefing materials as well as a BTI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) file will be posted on a publicly accessed area within 5 days of the meeting. There will be no handouts provided at the CTS BTI. The Combat zones That See (CTS) Program explores concepts, develops algorithms, and delivers systems for utilizing large numbers (1000s) of cameras to provide the close-in sensing demanded for military operations in urban terrain. Automatic video understanding will reduce the manpower needed to view and manage this impossibly large collection of data and reduce the bandwidth required to exfiltrate the data to manageable levels. The ability to track vehicles across extended distances is the key to providing actionable intelligence for military operations in urban terrain. Combat zones That See will advance the state-of-the-art for multiple-camera video tracking, to the point where expected track lengths reach city-sized distances. Trajectories and appearance information resulting from these tracks are the key elements to performing higher-level inference and motion pattern analysis on video-derived information. Combat zones That See will assemble the video understanding, motion pattern analysis, and sensing strategies into coherent systems suited to Urban Combat and Force Protection.

Contracting Office Address: Other Defense Agencies, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Contracts Management Office, 3701 North Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA, 22203-1714 Point of Contact(s): Scott Ulrey, Contracting Officer, Phone (703) 696-2434, Fax (703) 696-2208, Email sulrey@darpa.mil - Scott Ulrey, Contracting Officer, Phone (703) 696-2434, Fax (703) 696-2208, Email sulrey@darpa.mil