Danish Fairy and Folk Tales/The Jutlander and His Stockings

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A WELL-DRESSED Jutlander once took a drop too much, and consequently lost command of his legs, landing at full length in the middle of the high-road, where he fell asleep. While he was lying in this state another wayfarer passed him. When he observed the Jutlander's fine stockings and compared them with his own, which were old and worn, he saw his chance to draw the good stockings off the Jutlander's feet and to replace them with his own. Upon doing this, he walked on.

When the Jutlander had slept until he was somewhat more sober, a man came driving along, shouting: "Keep your legs by yourself or I shall run over them!" The Jutlander awoke, lifted his head, and looked at the legs; but when he noticed a pair of gray, ragged stockings, and remembered that his own were pretty, white, and brand-new, he lay quietly down again, answering: "Drive on! These are not my legs!"