Dear meal (1816-1831)/Dear meal

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Dear Meal  (1816-1831) 
Dear Meal

Dated from the Scottish Book Trade Index.


ASSIST me ye muses till I do repeat
These lines which I study'd early and late,
For to gain a living the truth I will tell,
It is very hard since the dearth of the Meal.

There's fatherless children, and widows likewise
Must seek for their living with tears in their eyes;
For the loss of their husbands their hearts are opres'd
Tho' in far distant counties their bodys at rest.

You soldiers and sailors wherever you be,
Stand true to your colours by land and by sea;
Like heroes undaunted your enemies pursue,
And well boldly huzza for the Orange and Blue!

When the wars are all o'er as presently they be
Young lasses their sweethearts once more will see
And women their husbands that's l—g been away
Facing their enemies by land and by sea.

Then Jenny will get Johnny one kiss for to steal,
She take no more thought of the dearth of the Meal
She will hilt her coats she will drink sing & dance
And still pray for peace with great Britain & France.

Then plenty in our country once more we will get,
When the meal mongers open the meats of the sack
The rope thats about them themselves in't will swing
For extortioning the poor, not true to their king.

For the Meal in ship loads is sent far away,
While our enemy is supported by land and by sea;
The truth which I tell you you know very well,
No matter such villians should hang all themselves.

So now to conclude I will made an end,
Your patience not to weary, not tire my pen,
Some more in a short time I mean for to sing,
But no more at present, but long live the King!

This work was published before January 1, 1926, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.