Death sentence for Roberts' crew

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Death sentence for Roberts' crew, 1722.jpg

Peter DeVine, John King, William Phillips, Sam.l Kotohn(?), Phillip Bill, William Maine, William Mackintosh, William William

Ye and each of you are adjudged and sentenced to be Carried back to the Place from whence you came, from thence to the Place of Execution without the Gates of this Castle, and there within the Flood Marks to be hanged by the neck 'till you are Dead, Dead, Dead.

And the Lord have Mercy on your Souls.

Dated at Cape Cors Castle[1], this 5th of April 1722

J Herman(?), James Phipps, Henry Dodson, unintelligible, Edmund Hyde(?), Charf(?) Fanshawe, General(?) Barnsley


  1. The wording Cape Cors Castle refers to Cape Coast Castle, a British Headquarters built originally by Swedes circa 1659 on the West African coast of Ghana.