Devil Worship (Joseph)/Part 2/Chapter 1

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Devil Worship: The Sacred Books and Traditions of the Yezidiz by Isya Joseph
Chapter I: The Religious Origin of the Yezidis


The Religious Origin of the Yezidis

The origin of the devil-worshippers has been the subject of much controversy; but aside from an expression of views, no satisfactory solution of the problem has as yet been reached. The different theories which have been advanced may be classified under four general heads: The Myth of the Yezidis themselves; the tradition of Eastern Christians; the dogmatic idea of the Mohammedan scholars; and the speculative theory of the western orientalists.


The Yezidi Myth

The Myth of the Yezidis concerning their origin may be derived from three different sources: from their sacred book, from the appendix of the manuscript, and from actual conversation of travellers with them or with natives dweling among them. One noticeable fact is that this tradition assumes the religion of the sect as existing long before the time of