Diary - Begun on March 15th, 1906

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Reading Diary [1906]

April to May (end)

Vanity Fair. Jules Verne: Voyage to the Moon, Voyage Round the Moon. Guerra Junqueiro: Velhice do Padre Eterno. Byron: Childe Arold (Cantos I & II) and Hebrew Melodies. Keats's "Basil Pot" ("Isabella") and "St. Agnes' Eve". Forjaz de Sampaio: Palavras Cínicas. Also parts of: Lombroso (Homme Criminel), Keats, Chatterton, Kant, Campoamor, Rousseau, and Haeckel. Read: Molière (L'Étourdi), Grasset: Le Carême Impromptu, Vert-Vert, Le Méchant (a comedy). Also Piron: Métromanie.

Diary of Reading

November 16th: Plato: Theaetetus. Fouillée: Philosophie de Platon, pp. 1-65. Musset Rolla, Bonne Fortune and smaller pieces.
November 17th: Hamon [1]: Determinismo e Responsabilidade
NoNovember 19th: Cousin [2]: Fragments Philosophiques (Xenophanes, Zeno).
November 23rd: Cousin (Zeno). Funck-Brentano [3]: Sophistes Grecs (Zeno). Aristotle: De Xenophane, Zenone et Gorgia.
November 24th: Aristotle: De Xenophane, Zenone et Gorgia.
November 25th: Jonson: Every Man in his Humour [4].
November 26th: Ribot [5]: Psychologie Allemande Contemporaine (Introduction & Chapter 2).

Reading During the Month of May [1907]

No note taken before the 6th.

6th - Abel Botelho: Barão de Lavos.
7th - Finished the above.
8th - Antero de Quental: Odes Modernas. Gomes Leal: Claridades do Sul. António Nobre: Despedidas.
9th - Cazotte [6]: Diable Amoureux.
10th - Poe: Arthur Gordon Pym.
11th - Hollander [7]: Scientific Phrenology (begun). Shakespeare: Merchant of Venice.
12th - Hollander (continued).
13th - Finished Eça de Queiroz: O Crime do Padre Amaro. Guerra Junqueiro: Morte de Dom João.
14th - Hollander (continued).
15th - António Nobre: (half).
16th - Wurtz: Article on Lavoisier. Haeckel: Antropogénie (chapter 1). Tennyson: Early Poems.
18th - Addison and Steele: Spectator: 17 papers.
19th -
20th - Haeckel: Antropogénie (lessons 2, 3, 4, 5). António Nobre: (finished).


  1. Augustin Hamon (1862-1945), french sociologist and publicist, published Déterminisme et Responsabilité (1898).
  2. Victor Cousin (1792-1867), french pedagogist and historien.
  3. Théophile Funck-Brentano (1830-1906), from Luxemburg naturalized french, published Les Sophistes Grecs et les Sophistes Contemporains (1879).
  4. First Play of Ben Jonson.
  5. Théodule Armand Ribot (1839-1916), philosopher that wrote on psicology.
  6. Jacques Cazotte (1719-1792), a very imaginative writer, opponent of the french revolution, sentenced to the guillotine.
  7. Bernard Hollander (1864-1934), one of the most influent modern phrenologists, published The Mental Function of the Barin (1901) and Scientific Prenology (1902).

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