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Book or tablet 56 continued from book or tablet 55 Tablet finnish at 630 P.M. March 17 1957

To think that Lewis and Clark were the first to take Our American Flag across this Continent. Only the lands you will explore were Americas own Lewis President Jefferson never expected to buy this huge Province of Lousiana when he planned Lewis and Clark expedition. Yet he did ask the American Minster in France Robert R Livingston to try to purchase Neworleans at the Missipie's Mouth. — The trading Port our Nation needed. Napoleon Needed money to fight England. But would the United States buy all of Louisiana nearly a Million square Miles. Yes for $15,000,000. Agreed Livingston and James Monroe. Although there was no time to consult President Jefferson or Congress. This is the Noblest work of our lives", Envisioned Livingston. So the wilderniss Lewis and and Clark would cross Became American When the French Tricolor was lowered and the Stars and Stripes were raised in the place D'Armes at New Orleans Dec 20 1803 as near as I can understand it

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(Meanwhile)... (Giant Savages) (A mountain of Salt miles long. N —) (Mammoth Critters) Strange tales of the Unknown Lands were brought to the expeditions Winter Camp near St Louis by excited Fur trappers. Lewis and Clark the first to take our Flag Old Glory across our now great grrand U.S.A. Sunken snags and bars[?] of Quck Sand kept treatening their boats as the explorers crossed now what is now Misori. (Where I lived 3 1/2 Years before I came West in 1883 when I was 13 1/2 Years Old). They reached the site of Kansas City on June 26 1804. Where one Summer Day when I was going on 10 years wed put up at the Hotel when traveling by team. When up came a Misouri Cyclone along the Missouri Side of said River and it killed several people and left 100 Orphans. I begged dear Mother to go and adopt some little Orphans and she cried and said she couldent properly care for the the two children she had. I said when I get growed and get rich Il adopt a lot of Orphans. But alas I never became wealthy and I had to slave almost days & Nights to support

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my Parents and Brother and his family. At one time a Tow rope snapped and the Lewis & Clark men yelled save the boat (But I do not know if they managed to save the boar for I wasent born until the 13 Sept 1869 in an Iowa Cyclone 16 Miles North of Eldora, Harden Co, Iowa.) Where the current was swiftest the men often had to tow the boats from shore. News that White Chiefs came with presents brought Oto and Misouri Warrior for a powwaw in August on a hill Lewis named it Council Bluff. Great White Father Jefferson bought these Lands from France and brings you peace. What you and the Red head say is good. The Corps of Discovery was saddened when Sgt Charles Floyed became Ill and died near what now is Sious City, Iowa. There a monument now honors this young Kentuckian. This should bring the terriable Sioux. Make peace with all. President Jefferson had ordered. So Louis set the Prariries afire which was an Old Indian sign to assemble. I understand that some Indians went on the

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Warpath not long before we moved to Takio Atchison County Missouri in the Fall of 79. We never could hear from Mothers relation at or near decator. Decator Co Kansas if I remember right for now I am past 87 1/2 Years Old.

Clearview Route 3. Snohomish Co Washington March 18 1957. I staid up until 2 PM to try to fix some of our Excellant Seattle Times newspapers so I could mail them to the the Tarkio Atchison Co Misouri News Paper, in cluded in my bigg package of Newspapers was a fine Snohomish County Journal (both fine papers I having taken many years). As I want the Citizens of Tarkio Atchison Co Misouri to know how fine a place it is out west away from the fierce cold winters with the terriable blizzards in winters and extreme hot nights in Summers where we had to fan our selves in Summer nights as we lay on the floor in front of our doors to breath and we left Tarkio in the Spring of 1883 For Spokane Falls into an excellant State Wash away from the terriable Storms

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cold winters and hot Nights where the Climate is excellant and we dont have to worry for fear we will be blown to Kingdom come, but we could live comfortably the year round. And I think Morning took my package over to my U S Mailcan I walking slowly both ways for I am past 87 1/2 years Old. And Oh joy, a fine Adjoining Neighbor Mrs Martin Zanon brought me a Tarkio Atchison Co Missouri News Papper called the Tarkio Avalanche and Oh how I enjoy its Contents for I lived in Tarkio 3 1/2 years from 10 to 13 1/2 when My Parents Brother & I came to Spokane Falls in June 1883. And Spokane Falls now Spokane had a population of 500 inhabitants. Darling Mother said Spokane Falls would soon be a massive City and it and our excellant City Seattle in King Co Washington sure are. And a little Sketch in the todays excellant paper Takios Avalanche under heading of 48 and twenty five years ago. Bigg Snowstorm. After our week of the finest weather ever experienced. This section of the Country was vissited by a bigg Snow storm Tues Moorning

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and ever since it has been old fashioned winter which carried me back to our second Winter in Tarkio. A bigg snow storm that drifted snow up against the front end of the Chaffe Hote — up to its second story window and they had to get the back way and go around in front and shovel away that bigg snowdrift before they could get out their front door and If memory serves me right the snow was 18 inches deep on the lever. I being past 11 years old. And our fine bigg dog went up to John Rankins farm I think one Mile West of our home, and their hired man shot him and dear old nig came home and died that night out of top of that 18 inches deep snow, he wouldent die in his fine house.

Under the heading of 25 Years ago. Reports from Holt County the past week tell of the stranding in the Misouri Bottoms there of 1000 ands of ducks. The Fowl were on their way North during the mild weather but were caught there by the cold wave and were seen in great numbers. Some arrests were made by the Federal Game protectors

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of men hunting out of season.

The following is something that greatly amused and Pleased me which I think [scribble] do the same to others. A woman Reporter satisfies President Dwight D Eisenhowers Curiosity. In Washington DC Sept 12 1956 just the day before my 87 birthday. Our excellant Present Presidents Curiosity apparently got the better of him. Every time Sarah McLendon reporter for several Southwest Newspapers asks a question at his News conference she identifies herself as the correspondent of a different one of the papers she represents. She did it again Yesterday. You know before I answer your Question will you answer me one?" our Great Mighty Grand U.S.A. President Dwight D Eisenhower asked the Lady Miss McClendon said yes Sir. Then President Eisenhower said Do you get fired every week and join another paper the next Week? While other reporters were convulsed with laughter Miss McClendon explained with a blush that she tried to give representation to all my papers. "I think that is verry fair", our excellant President Dwight D Eisenhower replied.

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I am wondering if Tarkio Atchison Co Misouri had 500 inhabitants when we left Tarkio as Tarkio was only about 3 1/2 years Old when we left fine Tarkio to come West in the Spring of 1883. For a little piece in now Fine Large News Paper The Tarkio Avalanche of Tarkio Atchison Co Misourie Fri March 8 1957 attracted my special attention. 1500 Students expected here for T.C. Festival 45 Schools entered Speech Music event. Tarkio can expect an estimated 1,500 students most of them contestants to be here next Week for the 3 day Tarkio College Speech and Music Festival which will start Thursday Morning March 14 1957. Forty five high schools in Misouri, Nebraska, and Iowa will be represented in the Annual event which crowds Resturants with students, Streets with cars and sidewalks with brightly Uniformed Musicians. Directors of the Festival are: The Music division of the festival will be under the direction of Prof. Gavin L Doughty, head of the college Music Department. Speech events will be in charge of Miss Lois Cheney head of the Dramatics & speech department

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The Festival will open Thursday morning with one-act play presentations by six six Schools. Tarkios happy Journey, directed by Henry Prather will open the programs at 10:15 in the College Chappel.

Rockport Iowa Play 1 P.M. Rock Port, the only Atchison County entry in the play the play divisions, Will have the stage at 1 P.M. When students will present "Tuberroses" directed by Jane E Bird. Music events and vocal and instrumental numbers will be held Friday starting at 8 A.M. and continuing well into the Evening Sat will be the day for large choral entries and bands. Speaking of Music brings said meries to my mind. My dear Brother Perry Elllis played the B Flat Cornet in the Tarkio band on the 4 of July 1882 and a burning Roman candle fell on his hand badly and the next Forenoon when Mother undertook to dress the wound dear Brother see he was a going to faint started for the door and fell on the table striking his head on dear Mothers large cut glass Sugar bowls breaking the bowl and cutting to the bone on his right temples and he was uncon-

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concious over an hour we having to have the Dr to dress the wound and his burned hand. And when he came to mother had to tell him to keep his Eyes shut for a while so he would not faint again, until he'd go to sleep. But he he never went to play in the band again. And never played the horn but once after that and that was when our Train was crossing the Badlands and two Ministers and the Pasengers begged him to play and they all sang nearer my God to Thee.

And every time dear Brother would look at his horn he'd turn and walk away. His band master was gealous[?] of dear Brother for he could play better than the Bandmaster. But dear Brother has been dead over 26 years. Dear Mother died at almost 70 and Father passed at 84, and now I am past 87 1/2 Years Old.

Thinks Tarkio Streets Point for pride. Tarkians can enjoy a measure of Pride, Wherein their Streets are concerned written by Jessie J Hawk Dubois Wy stating, I was in your Town this Week end and felt like leaving a nickle on the side walk — Such nice wide Streets & no parking Metors

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Verry few can boast of this. If I remember right Tarkio was laid out in one of Dave Rankins Cornfiends and he being generous gave it lots of space. But of course I was only 10 the Fall we moved to Tarkio and only 13 1/2 when we left to come West in 1883. And I never heard from my dearly loved Takio until about a month ago and a letter to Tarkios Newspaper and oh at the excellant results. But please just let me spend my remaining days in our fine mild moist Climate of Clearview Route 3 Snohomish Co Wash away from the terriable Blizzards & Cyclones and extreme hot days and nights.

Tarkio Atchison Co Missouri Fri March 8 1957. Tarkio Weather. Snowflurries were reported in the Tarkio Area on Wednesday but there was no measurable amount of precipitation according to Lester Morton, local weather reporter. The Week's high temperatures reading was 50 degrees, registered last Friday afternoon. The lowest reading for severn-day period ending 6 P.M. Wednesday was 18 degrees Sunday Morning. For the corresponding week in 1956 there was 1 1/2 inches of Snow. The low

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was 12 degrees and the high was 73.

Washington DC March 18 1957. Cival Rights Bills Approved by House Unit. The House Judicial Committee approved today a Civil-rights Bill conforming closely to President Dwight D Eisenhowers recomendations. Most Southern-backed amendments to reduce the role proposed for the Federal Goverment in supporting voting and cimular[?] rights were defeated in a final closed door session. The Bill now goes to the House Rules Committee, Where Southeners are expected to make another Stand. The backers predicted the bill will get a reasonably prompt clearance to the house and be overwhelmingly adopted there. Strategy of the Northern and Western legislators supporting the Bill has been throughout to work for quick House passage so that pressure will build up for simular action in the Senate & Southerners will find it harder to talk the measure to death there.

Civil Defense Administrator Val Peterson called today for Stengthening the Federal

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Civil Defense Administration, telling Congress "At present I lead an Army to which I can give no comands of any kind." Peterson urged a subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee to approve two bills authorizing the Goverment to put more money in the Cival defense program, now primarily a State and Local responsibility. (Comment Doesent is seem as though some of our Congressmen better wake up.)

Secretary of State Dulles Breifed in Washington D.C. March 17 1957. Returning from the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization Conference in Australia. Secretary of State Dulles checked on Mideast developments with Christian Herter who had been acting secretary in Dulles Absence. Dulles and Israeli Aide Confer on Mideast Crisis. Washington March 18 1957. Israel's Foreign Minister Mrs Golda Meir took to Secretary of State Dulles today an urgent plea for United States action to curb Egyptian mooves before War erupts in the Middle East again. Accompaning

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the Grand-Motherly envoy to Dulles office were three aides bearing bigg envelopes and stuffed brief Cases. They included Israel's Ambassador Abba Eban, Reuven Shulook[?] and Gedeon Rafael, Members of Israel's United Nations delegation. Dulles Returns Secretary of State. Dulles Returns. Secreatey of State Dulles arrived back in Washington D.C. March 17 1957 from the Far East. He held immeadiate Consultations with top Aids on the Israel Egypt Crises and set up todays meeting with Mrs Meir; Mrs Meir flew from Jerusalem in a dramatic bid for American support. She arrived Yesterday at the same Airport and almost at the same time as Secretary of State Dulles. But they did not meet. Old Crissis Returns. Mrs Meir made her flight after Egypt's President Gamel Abdel Nasser ordered Egyptians to take back control over the Gaza Strip from United Nations forced which had replaced withdrawing Israeli troops. This plus Egyptian talk about reimposing the Suez Canal

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and Gulf of Aqaba blockades against Israeli Shipping ran counter to Israeli asumptions on which the withdrawal was based. "I am quite convinced," Mrs Meir told reporters at the Airport Yesterday, "That with the Egyptians in the Gaza strip we have returned to the same situation that we had before Oct 29." That was the Date Israel attacted Egypt last Fall (1956), Reporters noted. Did that mean she was asked, that Israel would fight again if Egypt assumed what Israel regarded as to much authority in Gaza? "I cant say at this time," She replied.

Dulles planned a busy day. Besides seeing Mrs Meir and catching up on Middle East developments during his 11 days absence in the Far East, he arranged appearances before the house Foreign Affairs and Senate Foreign Relations Committees.

I remember when a child when we lived in Independence Iowa that Mother was scared when it was known that Gypsies were comming or were Independence Iowa and shed close the Curtains so they couldent see in & kept

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all the doors locked and wouldnent alow my Brother or I out side for fear we would be stolen. For Children were stolen and never seen or heard from afterwards. So even at past 87 years old when I read of the Great Egyptian and his dear little Unfortunate Son come to see our excellant President Dwight D Eisenhower, I wondered what the after effects would be for he and his party have keen eyesight.

But I wish to add the a dear young half Gypsie Girl saved my house on my Homestead one night from being set a fire by her American Husband which I have discribed in full details in my former books and Oh how my Parents Brother & I fairy worshipped dear Clarissie for saving our lives that night. But for the dear girls sake we never let on that we knew about the attempted burning. And dear Clarissie and her Husband have been dead many years but they had a large family. But I understand there are some bad people in all races. Why dont they all be good like our Present excellant President Dwight D Eisenhower and our excellant Vice President Richard Nixon

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It is claimed that control of our American Congress is a tossup. But time alone will tell. In Washington D.C. March 18 1957 Senator Knowland Republican California said today its a tossup whether Republicans or Democrats will control the next Congress. Knowland the Republican leader in the Senate told Newsmen he looks for a close decision "in next Year's Congressional elections. It will will be possiable for either party to win control of either or both houses, in 1858," Knowland said. "A lot depends on developements between now and the elections. The Senate now is composed of 49 Democrats and 47 Republicans. In the House there are 233 Democrats and 200 Republicans with a vacencey in each party. Senator Knowland said he thinks it is to far a head to tell how the 1960 Presidential race will come out and he would make no prediction on it. This contrasted the week end forecasts by senator Lyndon B Johnson of Texas, the Democratic Leader and Senator Gore Democrat Tennessee. That the Democrats would win and strengthen their hold control

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control of Congress next Year and win the Presidencey in 1960. Senator Knowland disagreed with Senator Gore's Prediction in a long Beach, California speech that the Democrats will elect a Govenor & Senator in California in 1958. Knowland has anounced he wont seek reelection to the Senate and Senator Gore said that gave the Democrats an edge for the seat.

Free Nations of the world lose Strong and Able friend. In the untimely death of President Ramon Magsaysay of the Republic of the Philippines all the Democratic and free nations of the world have lost a strong and Able bodied friend. His own people have have lost a leader whose popularity within his native land was comparable to that of our excellant President Dwight D Eisenhower of our great grand Old U.S.A. President Magsaysay in many respicts was the personification of the acciptance, by the Citizens of the Young Philippine Republic. The story of Mr Magsaysay's life reads like the biography of many an American

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Statesman. He was the Son of a blacksmith. He attended elemantary schols and high school and earned his own way through the University of the Philippines by working as a Chauffeur. In his College days he won laurels as an Athlete. During the Second World, Mr Magsaysay performed distinguised service for his people as a guerilla leader, later giving effective assistance to General MacArthur invasion forced. After the War he was ellected to his Country's House of Representatives and served as Chairman of its committee on National defense. He was appointed secretary of National defense by former President Elpido Quirino. In that Post he is credited with having been largely responsible for suppressing the Communist-inspired Huk insurrectionists. He was elected President of the Republic of the Philipenes in 1953, and was to have been a candidate for reelection this Year. An overwhelming victory for the popular leader seemed assured. President Magsaysay

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died in the crah of an Airplane in a Jungle Area of the Island republic he had loved and served so well. It seems noteworthy that in these days of swift Air travel the heads of State, Diplomats, Millitary Leaders and other high Officials of so many Nations have traveled thousands upon thousands of Miles above the surface of the Earth, for the most part in complete security and without untoward accident. President Magsaysay's death is a tragic exception to the general experience. Presidents, Kings and Ministers are no imune to the tragic decrees of fate and fortune (and I will add deep died fiendish treachery.) In Mr Magsaysays death and our County and the Free World have lost a dependiable friend and a staunch Ally. (And I will add that my great great Ancesters the John Ellis Family whom my Father Andrew M Ellis claimed the mentioned John Ellis was an English Earl (And his three Sons came to America during Americas early settlement.

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And Oh at the treachery that has been played on them and their decendants to the present is enough to send chills up a persons spine. Father was a Union Soldier in Co C 6th Iowa Volenters Infantry USA Army in the War between the North & South from 1861 to 1865. And the Rebils and Democrats had it in for him and his poor hard working family. But three of his family of four have been dead many years I being the only one alive. So reason tells me that fine Magsaysay was sent to his death on the same principle that the Son put a time bomb in his Mothers suitcase as she was to board an Airplane that killed his mother and several other Passengers. And the Communists are only Anarchists under a different name their principles being the same.

87 1/2 years treachery being played on us from even when I was being born to within two months ago sure has wised me to the deepest dyed traitors smiling faced fiends. Darling mother, 60 years ago said

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when ever we wanted an enemy just do somebody a favor. And Oh at how many cases it proved true. Even in our last election. I was robbed of some pictures of our State of Washington that I wanted to keep and I learned afterwards Id passed out while voting. It being the second time I'd been robbed at our election. The first time years ago. I being an honest honorable Republican and he a Democrat. To think what a bigg change in Washington in 1883 since when we came West and I 13 1/2 years old and dear Brother Perry 15 1/2 years old. I do not think there were many Senators and Representativies in Washing then. All I have known was to work 16 to 24 hours daily as long as I could hold up my hold since 1883 to aid My Parents Brother and I until the last few years remooval of 4 Skin Cancers & two tumors and age showed me working so hard.

Tunis March 20 1957. Americas exceland Vice President Richard Nixon Among 33 Nationalities At Tunisian Independence Day. Vice President Nixon and guests from 33

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Nations today watched Free Tunisia parade its new Amry of 3,000 Men in Celebration of its first Independent Anniversary. Our Americas excellant Vice President Richard Nixon and his also excellant Wife winding up a tour of Africa sat at the right side of the Bey Side Mohommad al-Amin of the Celebration.

A delicate diplomatic problem was solved when the French representative, Justice Minister Francois Mitterand, was seated in the Front row of the reviewing stand and Algerian Nationalist Leaders were given back seats out of his view.

French Officials boycotted a a Goverment banquet and theater party last night & had threatened to stay away from today's Ceremonies because the Algerians had been invited. Vice President Nixon attended the festivities last Night. France had been had been waging a long fight, to put down the Nationalist rebellion in Algeria. Which the French content content is part of France its self. Pro Algerian demonstrations have been frequent during the Ceremonies

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marking Tunisias Own Independence from France Nice President Nixon has been hailed with Cries of Freedom for Algerian, at nearly every turn in Tunis. Premeir Habib Boarguiba[?] added his voice publicly last Night when at a news conference, he urged the United States to convince France of the great danger to World peace as long as it refused Algerian demands for freedom. I can realize what it manes to Nations from the terriable experience with England during America's infancey. And I know from my Fathers bullheaded ways his unreasoning disposition what it it would have ment to dear struggling American if Old England had succeeded. But England has been mighty glad to have assistance many times since of our Grand Old USA.

But now something about our find City of Clearviews excellant Citizens some who are verry dear to me that I have known many Years. A Son was born to said mentioned friends Mr and Mrs Harland Munson whos nice home is on West Vine St. in fine Clearview Snohomish Co Washington on Sat March 21 1957

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Mrs Harlan Munson are at the Swedish Hospital in Seattle King County Wash. I have known Harland Munson Son of Myron Munson Senior and Wife Dorothy ever since they first came to Clearview I think about 17 Years ago. And Oh how I have worshiped that family as though they were my own. If I'd ever had any children which I never did for I never married. And I sure wish them all good luck. Miss Margie Metcalf Sister of Mr Metcalf, of Snohomish who recently mooved here is making her home with them ang going to Highschool. A Daughter was born to Mr and Mrs Orville Pettibone of Botell and they have named her Delane Maria. The are mooving soon to Route 3 Snohomish.

Mrs Morgan who has resided on the N. West Corner of East Vine Street and East Olympic Ave many Years. Her Son Wesly Ross who Also lives on the West side of East Olympic Ave also a short distance N of E Vine Street in fine Clearview Route 3 Snohomish Co Wash now has a new Son born Sat to Wesley Ross and his excellant Wife. The Mother & Son are

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at the Everett General Hospital. Mrs Ivor Trueblood and Mrs Blanch Morgan assisted Wesly Ross with the care of his Daughter Cheryl while Mrs Ross was in the Seattle Hospital.

When I first bought my Acre Stumpland home facing to the East on East Olumpic Avenue Road in our fine City of Clearview, Route 3 Snohomish Co Wash I could see a long distance North but in 22 years the timber has grown so high that I can only see about 20 feet N of my House. But my home is home dear home to me.

Until the Mid-Eastern troubles many a person though the Gazey strip was just an act at the Local burlesque. But it may cause another War. For the Egyptians may fall victims to Russia and the Communists. The Egyptians have been known for many years as treacherous and in many cases thieves. And the Russians in power are also known to be underhanded and treacherous villians. And Woe betide Egyptians if the fall into the clutches of the Russians in power and the communists who are Anarchists under a

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under a different Name.

Why will people wear or carry Costly Jewelry and Costly Clothes to endanger their lives. Wealth and fine clothes doesent make the person any better. For the mind is the standard of a person. Whether it is Black, Yellow, Red or colorles white. And no one actually knows who its Parents or Ancestors were for they were two miniture when started and to ignorant when born. And Oh at the treachery even when being born. Said treachery all but costing my darling Mother and I life so it was best that I never married. I have discribed in Full details in my former Books of my true lifes stories.

Murder charged in Tourists Deaths. Acapulco, Mexico March 13 1957. Preliminary charges of Murder & robbery have been brought against two men police say confessed the killing of an elderly couple from New York an attorney and a wealthy Brooklyn Widow. Luis Fenton Jr a Tourist agent and Daniel Ring Osuna, an unemployed boatman are said by authorities to have confessed killing Joseph Michel 70 and Mrs Edith Hallock 63 and dumping

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their bodies into Acapulco Bay after taking Money and Jewelery valued at $64,000. The Jewelry was recovered buried under a tree. The bodies havent been found. Under Mexican law, recovery of the bodies is not nessarey in a murder charge. (And I will add not nessessary when the Murderes confess to their crime.) A nice plain gingham full length dress suits me and a plain good wool Cloak is excellant.

Good exercise : In revina[?] N.Y. Mrs Paul Falkner 32, the only Woman Mailcarrier in New York State, sorted letters as she strode along her 12 1/2 mile route. I addition to her Postal durites, Mrs Falkner takes care of her 3 Children, 11, 7 and 5 and is active in Civic projects. So 3 cheers for that fine brave Lady.

Birmingham Ala March 18 1957. Segregation Hearing Opens in Alabama. I cincerely hope all of Americas fine Colored people have their legal American rights the same as all Americans deserve no matter whither they are colored skinned onr bleachedwhite.

Devilish doings in Libera — Our excellant Vict President of our Great grand old USA Richard Nixon and his equally excellant Wife met two

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Devil Dancers during a vissit to the Country side last Week. They make me think of our American Halloween Pranksters.

Chicago March 13 1957 Employer insures Son and Self for $2,000,000. Ragnar Benson head of an $80,000,000 a year industrial engineering firm, has insured his life and that of his Son $2,000,000 in preparation to flying all of his American relatives and certain Key Company employee employes to his Swedish Homeland. All will be guests of Benson and Ragner Benson Inc, of Chicago in the inspiring Odyssey. All but 360 Shares of the 10,000 Shares of Company Stock will be represented by the 69 Persons aboard a Scandanavian Air Lines System Plane when it takes off from OHare Field April 14 1957. Relatives are also going. Ragnor Benson 57 is President and his Son Raymond Benson is 32 is executive Vice President of the firm. Ragnor is taking his Wife Elsa and Ramond Raymonds Wife and their six 6 children on the trip as well as 24 other Relatives. Also going is the Rev Theodore E

Page 30[edit]

Palmer and his Wife Ina of St Paul's Lutherin Church which Benson attended for 46 Years. Eleven Key employes of Ragnar Benson and their famlies, an additional 33 persons are going too. Of the 69 passengers, 23 will be children. Cost is $50,000. Total cost of the 21-day trip to Ragnar Benson and his firm is expected to be $50,000 of which $29,000 is the Cost of the user or Chartering A DC-6 for the round trip. The $2,000,000 insurance taken to make Certain that the Company will remain in the hands of the present employes in case of Plane disaster. Also all wills have been changed to cover the period the Benson entourage will be abroad and a trust had been created with secret beneficeries never to be disclosed if all goes well. The wills revert to orriginal wording when the Plane arrives back in Chicago May 6 1957.

Oh How I wish my Part English Father who though he was smarter than our Fine American President McKinley and used to call the fine Swedish People fools could be alive so I could read the above to him.

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Our fine Clearview Community Club that I have belonged to many years and My Adjoing Neighbor Mrs Stella Booth and I were made honory members years ago, Met Feb 5 1957 at the our fine Community Club Hall and heard reports on Roads Meetings (With Vice President Ivor Williams presiding.) He is the man whom he and another man robbed me of valuable papers I needed to aid me in voting (for I am practically uneducated.) And I had to call for dear Mary Des Mariss the head Lady to show me how to vote I being a Republican and the two mentioned men Democrats, and The last time Ivor Williams grabbed my paper of all of our fine State of Washington Senators and Representatives that I wanted to hang on my wall so I could realize the vast improved change in Wash since I came west in 1883, when I was 13 1/2 years Old and I havent been able to secure a like picture since. And now that man holds a high position in our fine Club. I learned later that I'd passed out after the robbery)

Reports given on the Federated Club meeting

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which was held at the Clearview Community Clubs hall Dec 20 1956. Noel Desmairas gave a report on Road conditions stating that all side roads were restricted and that school Children would have to catch the Buss on the Main highway. Mrs Mary DesMaris announced that $66 and 48 cents has been raised to buy an electric Coffee perculator for the club. It sure will save lost of hard work and fuel. It was also anounced that another cook stove had been installed in the Hall. Georgia Fawcett representative of the Club Sponsorship of Donnella Gardener Blue birds, requested that members save old spools and old candles for the girls projects. Martin Hansen won the dark horse prize. The next meeting was to be held in Feb 1957. And the Clearview fine Nozelettes were to meet in Febuary 20 1957 at Betty Writie Whit's home which they did I have to stay at home as I was robbed 4 times within the pas two months so it is best for me to look after my place. I have sent word to the authorities and I hope they

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catch the little thief redhanded.

Dalles Ore March 18 1957. The reservair At The Dallas Filled. Engineers raised raised the Water in the Dalles Reservoir behind the Dalles Dam to its final level Yesterday. And the first boats mooved through a lock in the Giant dam to the 35 Miles pool. The Governors of Oregon and Washington in dedication ceremonies predicted a boom to River traffer because of the new Goverment build Dam there. But who would have dreamed in October 1883 When my Parents Andrew M Ellis and his excellant Wife Rachel Ann Ellis her Maiden name Dimmick My Brother Perry Ellis 16 and I Miss Kittie May Ellis and Mr Mac Norton and so Old Union War Veteran (who had been held in the Vile Rebel prisons) came down the mighty Columbia River to the Mouth of the Spokane River on our way to Fort Spokane, where my Father & Brother secured work at Fort Spokane that our fine Amercan Goverment would have acquied[?] sufficient funds to build said Dam and several others. We five comming

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down the Columbia River on top of John Rickeys fine flat topped boat loaded below for our Fort Spokane Garrison. Mr Ricky making us walk down the South Bank 1/4 mile to pass Priest Rapids, as he would take chances of our lives comming down through Priest Rapids. And Oh how the sweat poured off of the 4 Broherinlows who rowed the boat while John Rickey stood up and told them how to row. They sure were exhausted when they rowed a shore to take us 5 aboard. Mr John Rickey was past 50 then. So reason tells me has been dead many years. But he had married an excellant 15 years old Wife and I understand they afterwards had a Son who my be past 70 now. My Parents made 3 trips up the Columbia River Brother Perry going along to care for Darling Mother whom had just been cured of face skin Cancer. We came down the Columbia River on the Boat Regulator on its last trip before it was distroyed killing the fine little young 15 years old Person

Page 35[edit]

he Cowing[?] his widowed mother & children (and one man.) Oh How I cried when Father told us the news I wondered what would become of the dear Mother & her little Children & I also poor[?]

Washington DC March 13 1957. Solons must decide on Budget Cut. Out excellant President Dwight D Eisenhower of our Mighty Great grand Old U.S.A. stated he had no intention of injecting himself into internal affairs of the Republican Party in New York State by saying last week that if Leonard W. Hall former G.O.P. national chaiman ran for Govenor he would have a booster in the President Dwight Dwight D Eisenhower said he would would have nothing to with a New York primary fight among Republicans. But he he would give Hall his enthusiastic support if he became the Candidate and he said this U.S.A. Goverment's View on the Middle East situation had

Page 36[edit]

been transmitted to the United Nations. President Dwight D Eisenhower prefferred not to discuss the implications to Egyptian plans to take over Cival administration of the Gaza Strip. He said negotiations involving the Gaza strip are in United Nations hands and he did not want to prejude an ultimate solution. President Dwight D Eisenhower said he has received no recent reports that Russia is sending new Arms shipments to Egypt. Reference about Ethiopia Base. President Dwight D Eisenhower said the United States has no plans to ask Ethiopia to agree to setting up a Military Base as such in that Country. But that there have been talks dealing with United States communication facilities already established there. Foreign Aid President Dwight D Eisenhower said the Administration at this time has no plans for any overall increase in Foreign Aid spending. The goal of that

Page 37[edit]

program President Dwight D Eisenhower said in commenting on recomendations from some Quarters for Foreign Aid policey changes is to assure a position in the Word with respect to Free Nations which we want to see Maintained.

Poor dear Alaska. A Hearing on Alaska Bills was side-tracked. Washington DC March 13 1957

Good for Washington State Govenor Rosallini[?] when he signed Highways Bill. Olympia. Washington March 22nd 1957. The Omnibus Highways Bill authorizing the spending of $301,000,000 in the 1957 to 1959 Ficial period on State Highway, County Roads & City Streets was signed today by Govenor Roselini. The Measure (H.B. 627) adds more than 100 miles of roads to the State highways system. For Feasibility studies on proposed projects, it appropriates $476,500 for the bridging of Puget Sounds, $25,000 for a toll tunnel through the Cascade Mountains, $100,000 for a bridge across the Lower Columbia River

Page 38[edit]

between Megler and Astoria Ore (Something I have been waiting for And wanted for ever since My Parents Brother and I came West in June 1883.) And $75,000 for a Northern Cross State Highway. The above makes me verry happy. Rosilin approved Senate Bill 478 which Authorizes a $75,000,000 bond issue to speed construction of the proposed Tacoma, Seattle, Everett Freeway. Engineers estimate the Method of Finance will reduce construction time eight to five Years. The Govenor also signed legislation (S.B> 17) to give 22,500 School teachers and $15,000 State Worlds Federal Social Security in addition to their State Retirement benifits. Oh how I hope Ore does the same to her School teachers and State Worlds.

Highway Crew Finds Ore. Vein. Co[??] Dolane Idaho. March 22 1957. A Bulldozer working on a highway project uncovered an Ore Vein near here. Eager residents of this

Page 39[edit]

rich Mining district worked through the Night with flash lights and by Yesterday had staked claims on both sides of the road. A Highway Engineer said the work at 4th of July Canyon East of here was being done under a permit which did not include Mineral rights. The Engineer said a piece of Ore the size of his hand essayed 2 1/2 Ounces in Silber and about 3 per cent lead with traces of copper and Zinc.

I wish I could locat a rich gold mine But if I did some one would kill me. For Oh at the treachery that has been played upon our Ellis Famlies for Generations up to within the past 2 months, and my mand hairbreath escapes I guess all that saved me was my Name being Miss Kittie May Ellis. But Oh Joy since I came to Clearview I have have some real true friends And Among the are the Martin Zanon Family my West Line Adjoining Neighbors. Ive known for about 25 Years, and today when exhausted from work

Page 40[edit]

and the Sun was shining in on my bed I laid down with my head near the foot of my bed so my head could get the benifit of the sunshine and I went instantly a sleep and I being entirely deaf in my left Ear & poor hearing in my right ear in came my dearly loved friend dear Mrs Martin Zanon with a bigg plate loaded with the finest dinner a person ever had and she set it on a chair in front of me in easy reach and slipped out with out waking me for she knows I do not sleep much of nights. And Oh joy the food was still warm when I waked up and although Id eaten my dinner before Id laid down I sure enjouyed part of that dinner, but there is enough for two more meals. No wonder I claim I am living in a genuine Heaven on Earth amongst genuine living guiding guarding Angels I know actualy exists.

Feud Between Israel, Arabs Holds Threat of Another World War Conflict. By withdrawing from Territories

Page 41[edit]

she conquoredin November 1956, Israel Gambled that Western Statesmanship can turn her Arab Neighbors inward to their own problems and prevent a holocaust which could signal a third War. Israel and the Arabs have one thing in common. Both need at least a generation of uninterrupted peace. Without it there can be little hope of solving Middle East problems. Lacking solutions, The Area will remain on the edge of explosions which could menace the life of Western cilalization in the place where it was born. The Middle East being what it is, a cross roads of the Earth, the whole world has a stake in the solution of the Palestine Question. The Question is almost as old as recorded history. The Land which cradled three great religions — Christian, Jewish & Mohomedan — has been ruled by Egyptian and Jew, Assyrian and Persian, Green and Roman, Arab and Turk. A kingdon of Israel which flourished there died many Centuries ago. On the fifth day of the month of lyar in the year 5708 by the Hebrew Calendar — May

Page 42[edit]

14, 1948 — the State of Israel was reborn. Was this ultimate Justice for the people who who suffered Centuries of oppression ? Was it the end of interminable exile for people who wondered 2000 years. Or was it an act of injustice to Arab people who lived for Centuries in Palestine. Even Jews disagreed on the wisdom of creating a Zionist State. Many Contestend Judalism is soley a religion and Jews are not a Nation. Judaism, they say expressed the word of a universal God going out of the whole World. The Quote the prophet Isalah. Ive got to stop writing as it midnight.

Clearvew March 24th 1957. A picture greatly pleased and interested me. Plymoth Ahoy! The Mayflower comes to life again, in the Devonshire fishing Village of Brixham England. This $200,000 replica of the 180-Tom Vessil that carried the Pilgram Fathers to Plymouth Rock in 1620 is being fitted out to make the Same trip next Month. Like her famous predecessor the Mayflower II is 90 feet long, Three Masted, square rigged

Page 43[edit]

and constructed of stout hand hewn timbers. She will be powered only be Sail and Wind on the Sentimental Journey from Plymouth, England to Plymouth, Mass, U.S.A. but will have such modern trappings as Marine Radio, Electric running lights and uptodate navigation equipment, a concession to British Board of trade regulations. And Oh Joy the above gives the day of the Pilgrims arrival in our Great Grand Old USA in 1620. So now I know about the time when my Great Great Ancesters of my Fathers left England in an Old an Seaworthles Vessel that Father claimed it took 6 Months to cross the Ocean and then they took the old unseaworthy Vessil out into the Bay and removed everything of value & sank it.

Oh what great discoveries & inventions. Orders in Emmergencies May be given from Sky. Chicago Ill U.S.A. March 23rd 1957. A voice from the Sky may dirrect the Public in emergencies in the future. The Armour Research Foundation said that experimental sound Systems

Page 44[edit]

One of them Airborne — have been tested after development for the Cival defense Administration. The Ducane Corporation of St Charles Ill designed the systems and Scientists at the research foundation studied them for inteligibility under various operating conditions. The Airborne system is designed to provide voice communication from Air to Ground inorder to Control outdoor traffic and Pedestrians during [???] and after attacts according to Dr Robert W. Benson of the foundation. The system was a Cessna 170 Plane, Magnette tape recorder, Three 100 Watt Ampliers, three 100 Watt horn loudspeakers and a Gasolene driven Motor generator. The other System tested was a fixed instalation atop a building. It consisted of 32 100-Watt Loud Speakers installed on the roof a 10 story building in Gary Indiana. Benson said the roof top System was desinged to provide intelligble dirrection to the General Population with in a one square Mile Area. The results

Page 45[edit]

of the investigation show that both Systems have been more than adequate power and inteligibility for their intended functions.", Benson said," provided that relatively quite conditions prevail (which wouldent in a great terrifying immergency

Caracas March 23rd 1957. Hungarian Refugees Vit into Venezuela Economy Program. Venezuela has taken in 1,500 Hungarian refugees in its Continuing policy of welcoming men and women who have the skills to help build a rounded economy. Many of the Hungarians will be settled on Model Farms of which they will be given ownership. They are counted on to help develop a program which already is making Venezuela self sufficient in agricultural production. The Model farms at 21 Communities such as Turen and Chiragua[?] are fostered by the National Agarian[?] insitute. The Goverment has built Homes, Barnes and Silos and provided the most modern types of Agricultural equipment. Huge Dam built. In a related moove

Page 46[edit]

to boom agricultural production as well as to improve navigation and increase the supply of hydroelectric power Several large Dam and irrigation projects also are nearing completiong to provide vitally needed water.

The latest such water conservation project is that at Guarico being constructed at a cost of $65,000,000. A nine mile Earthen dam, longest in the world, stores up to 500,000,000,000 gallons of water in a 94 square Mile lake, situated amid the vast llanos (planes) once famous for their huge herds of cattle. the Gusrico dam will yield water to be siphoned off during the dry Summer Months through 290 miles of Irrigation canals to irrigate 300,000 acres of prime farm land. General Marcos Perez Jimenez Venezuelas Presidint in welcoming the first of the Hungariansefugess took the opertunity to point out that immigrants from the old world are a distinct asset to this new World Nation because of their many skills.

Page 47[edit]

Clearview Route 3 Snohomish Co Wash, March 25 1957. Just to think 7,500 Autoiststs were stalled in 8 State Midwest Blizzard. The worst spring blizzard in in 30 years continued to rage in the MidWest today paralyzing transportation and crippling communications in many sections of 8 States. One Major Train carrying 400 Pasengers and an estimated. And an estimated 7,500 Highway travelors were reported stranded but none was beleived in danger. Four deaths were attributed to the Storm. The Train was the Union Pacific's City of St Louis Washington Bound from St Louis to Los Angeles. It was mired in snow drifts ranging up to 18 feet near Winona, Kansas, about 50 Miles from the Colorada line. Snowplows were expected to reach it soon. But 24 hours later I understand, the were receiving needed assistance and abating.

Now I am going to talk a bout dear little Orphan Annie Steve Strive and one of the little Strive cousins by adoption and his deceived wife by treacherous fiends.

Page 48[edit]

An excellant little Strive Cousin of Uncle Steve by adoption (Wasent that Auntie Dee Around Tryin to Snivel a few dollars out of Grandmaw?)(Little Orphan Annie says Yep. But your Uncle Cy and Aunt Bell got it all first.) (They were to upset by Cousin Steve not being dead. To show Up For a Few Days," But ever thing's back to Normal Now)(Yd Think They,d Bee To 'Barrassed to come here)(Ha! My Dad says We Should Live So Long We Should See Any O'His Brothers Or Sisters "Barrassed 'bout Takin Handouts!)(Right Or Wrong, Dear little Orphan Annie Says Is How You Look At It Some Say.)(While in the City — Sure Steve — Now We Know The Mob That Lucey Fell In With — Figger To Knock You Off — Make Lucy A Rich Widow — Then that Melvin Guy Would Marry her. Symple — Only they GOOFED And [illegible] Old DUSTYOYOU — Blt T LUCEY, ISENTACRIMINAL — ONLYSTUPID)(EXACTLY. So Shell TAlk — That Makes her dangerous

Page 49[edit]

to that Mob)(Well the Place is surrounded — Come on Steve — If we moove in quick... Oh Oh !)(Two Policeman The Offier And Steve open the Door and the 3 Murdering fiends drop a fired revolver and are surprised. But Poor Lucey is below out of Signt in picture)(Office All Right take Em downtown Boys. Send a Doctor and an Ambulance)(Poor Dieing Lucy Says Ive been a fool — they — theyre Killers! They — They ment to kill Steve... If If Only... Poor ... Steve....The Finest ...Man...)(Never mind the Ambulance or the Doc...Send the Coronor...)(She's Gone Steve Its all over Now.)(When you have loved a Woman As I Once Loved Lucey. Its Never all over)(Well it will be all over for at least Three of that Mob — I Promise Y That. I have known dear little Orphan Annie for about 30 Years. How I have loved that dear Child all of those Years. For my Parents Brother and I had treachery all our lives. I even up to within a monthin a Month ago. Thats why

Page 50[edit]

my hear ached for her and fine Dick Tracey. I have written the above to warn my readers to steer clear of any bad Company that they wont get framed or maimed for life or killed outright.

Well to change the Sad subject above I Will State state that I have always claimed that the Russians in power werent to be trusted, for they were underminded in their principles in Land, Air, and Sea, win below sea to our our[?] verry American Country. And Oh how my heart has ached for Russia's own poor unfortunate People and all that are snared by the Russian's in power. And I have only stated well known facts. (More Russ 'Subs in the Atlantic March 25th 1957. Our Great American excellant Admiral Jerauld Wright, Chief of the Atlantic Fleet, says there has been an increase in recent Years of contacts we think are Russian Submarines in the Atlantic. And Admiral who is also Supreme Allied Commander for the Atlantic was intervied while vissiting the American

Page 51[edit]

Air Sea Base for inspection at Argentia[?] New foundland American Air borne[?] — early Warning System the American Navey calls Barrier Atlantic. And Newsmen's questions were based on recent statements by, I suppose our excellant Navey American officials the the size of the Russian under Sea Fleet now may be 450 to 500 Vessels, far greater than the huge submarine force once operated by Germany. And our fine Admiral Felix Stump. Our great American Pacciffic Fleet Commander recently reported (named Admiral Felix Stump Paciffic Fleet Commander recently evidence of an upsurge of Soviet Submarines strength in that Ocean. Admiral Right said that in the past few years there has been a deffinate increase in their criusing to deep Water. "Apparently referring to the dection devices of the Antisubmarine surface and Air Patrols Maintained in the Atlantic, the Admiral added, "We pick them up every now and then." Admiral Wrights comments followed by a few days his anouncement at Norfolk, Va. that a new over-all antisub

Page 52[edit]

Marine Command for the Atlantic Fleet headed by Vice Admiral Frank T Watkins has been formed. In that announcement Admiral Wright Said, "The possiability of Submarine-launced guided Missle attacts against the Unisted States is a problem of utmost National importance. Over the Week end the Navey permitted Newsmen for the first time to see and discribe some of the details of Barrier Arlantic. I have written the above facts to proove the Russians in power arent to be trusted which has been proven for many many Years. And with out new Radar system and all our vast great inventions Foreign Nations hadent better try to attact America or other free loving Countries for America is no longer an infant Nation that Old England attacted and got beat. But now America who is like a octipus reaching out to aid other tyranized Nations to gain their freedom. My Father, Andrew M. Ellis was a Union Soldier in Co C 6 Iowa Volenteers Infantry during the War between N & S between the Rebils Rebils and the Union Army

Page 53[edit]

from 1861 to 1865. And if the Rebils had Won the poor whites of America would soon all been made slaves for them. Whites with only one part colored were being held slaves. And but for the Unions the wealthy would have the poor in their Power. I only want right to rule over the whole world.

Still The Worlds Best Hope For Freedom's Preservation. For it was in the Year of 1776 that the Subjects of King George III in the American Colonies declared their indipendence from the Suzerainty of the British Crown (My Father's Great Great Ancesters among them) Two decades short of two Centuries later in 1956, the Subjects of Queen Elizabeth II in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and North Ireland undertook to reverse this process and declared their "independence of the United States". In the first instance, the American Colonists Won their freedom from English rule after a long and bitter conflict. In the 2nd place Her Magisty's Goverment Under Sir Anthony Eden repudiated American Independence leadership and joined France

Page 54[edit]

in the Israel in the Suez Canal fiasco.

The above article carries me back to if I remember the Year correctly it was the Summer of 1882. It was learned that the people in dear old Ireland have been deprived of their butter to pay taxes to Old high & mighty England and they had had to subsist on white potatoes and skimmed milk for 18 months and they were suffering for proper food and clothing, and I ran home crying for I was part English, Irish Scotch and welsh and goodness only knowed what else. (For no one actually knows who its ancesters and Parents are as they are in to miniture form when started and ignorant when born to really know and lots of lies are told and lots of thievery done. So the real trust is, Are we or are we not or who who are we.) and I told my Parents of the dear Irish terriable treatments. And of course the oor Irish had to do what England ordered for they are still English slaves like the Americans were until we won our freedom by whipping the English. And as I was running home to tell my Parents

Page 55[edit]

the heartbreaking news I heard my schoolmates singing. One day I walked up and took St Patrick by his hand, I saying, how is old Ireland and how does she she stand. She's the most distressed Nation that ever was seen. For they are hanging men and women for wearing of the Green. And now I am past 87 1/2 Years old. I sobbed Oh If I only had wings bigg enough and strong enough Id fly to Ireland and bring all those fine Irish people to our dear America where theyd be free. For Id been flying of nights ever since I was nine years old in some kind of a flying machene. I had to tread like a sewing machene I running up 3 frights of stairs with my darling Mother in my arms as though She was a little child, to try to get away from mad dogs, Wolves and a monster bigg long blacksnake and at the head of the 3 flight of stairs I look back there they all were and I see an opening in the roof & Id step into it to it and start flying and when almost over a tall building Id start to fall holding

Page 56[edit]

Mother tightly for fear shed get hurt and just as I was agoing to hit the ground Id wake up and there would be Darling Mother standing a bigg lemp in one hand and a camphor bottle in the other had & shed say she dont wake Father, and Oh to our sorrow we knew what that ment For his Part Bullheaded predominated. So Parents please make it pleasant for your famlies. But little did darling Mother and I dream theyd actually be flying Airplanes just as darling Mother lay dieing with Cancer of her stumach and parlyses of her lower limbs, and I then about 37 1/2 Years Old.

But my last flying dream left after darling Mothers death and Father left my home and got married twice & both Wives left and got divorsed on grounds of cruelty and he died an old widower, when he was 84, caused from an operation for internal piles and cruel neglect which caused urimic Acid poisoning while in the Hospital.

Returning to Old England. During the long interval between the two interval between the two events

Page 57[edit]

which had been taking place to demonstrate the actual practice neither of the two principles English speaking peoples can ever be entirely independent of the other. Their mutual interdependence of the other had become increasingly evident during the past 50 Years. That circumstance was acknowledged when the Brittish unhappily withdrew from their Egyptian adventure as it became clear that the United States would accord them no support in it. It was to patch up this rift that followed this Anglo-American Misunderstanding that President Dwight D Eisenhower and Prime Minister Macmillan staged their conference in Bermuda. We are linked together in indisoluible wedlock as one British econmust put it. "For better or worse and we have got to make the best of it." The Bermuda Meeting was arranged largely in that Spirrit. We used to be surprised that the announced accomplishments of this high level tete-a tete were not specticlar. Certain points of agreement reported in the customary post-conference statement

Page 58[edit]

were in fact constructive. If there was reticense on the most critical agenda of the meeting — a course to be pursued jointly in the middle East — The restraint was to be expected. A measure A Measure of progress was reported on the touchy subject. The United States agreed to take part in the Military planning of the Baghdad Pact Nations pact Nations, without, however actually joining that alliance. Inspite of occasional and sometimes large, dispartities of interest the alliance of the United States with Britian and members of hte British Commonwealth remains the World's best hope for the preservation of human freedom. To a sustained, mutual dedication to the purpose by the British and American peoples, inspite of temporary differences, there is no conceivable alternative.

Republican Eyes will be on Texas, U.S.A. The eyes of Republicans will be on Texas Next Tuesday, Watching the program of the outcome of a Special Senatorial election there. And the Eyes of Texas will be on 22

Page 59[edit]

Candidates for the Senate Post Vacated by Price Daniel, Democrat when he became Govenor January 15 1957. Of the the 22 Candidates 20 are Democrats, Two are Republicans, And the high man wins. With Democratic aspirations split so many ways, the Republicans may be elected. It that happens the winners Vote would provide a 48-48 party split in the upper Chamber of Congress. The tie breaking Vote of Vice President Richard Nixon could reorganize the Senate, giving the Committee Chairmanships to Republicans. It will be a Political Horse race well worth watching. I hope the Republicans win for I only want right to rule over the whole World.

Our American's excellant Vice President Richard Nixon's African Tour as a verry skillful Vice President. Washington DC March 25 1957. A Veteran Foreign Observer who watched our excellant Vice President Nixon causiously answer a question in Khartoum during his three week goodwill tour of Africa, Said he reminds

Page 60[edit]

me of Anthony Eden," The man remarked, "For 15 Years all Eden had to do to gain the top spot in Britain was to avoid his making a mistake. And our excellant Vice President Nixon May have less time to wait. But he is just as adroit and cautious. And Vice Presidnet Nixon made no discernible Mistakes in his Safari through nine Countries, by agreement of all hands accompaning him. He spoke his pieces with hesitating care, left his imprint of a handshake and smile upon thousands of Curious Africans and Arabs, and generaly comported himself with the required style of a seasonsed pro. And Every Movement is measured. But nothing Vice President Nixon does or says between now and 1960 will escape a political Interpretation. His African performance was no exception, even though he was traveling as an envoy of President Dwight D Eisenhower on a Mission normally remooved from Domestic Politics. His hand writing & meeting with Negro leaders of Ghana and

Page 61[edit]

Libera were inevitably Measured by their possiable impact on our fine American Negro Vote. So it was his conversation in the Vatican With Pope. Please excuse me as it is 11-30 Midnight and my 87 1/2 and more years & days says it is bedtime for this Kittie May. And I hope I can sleep good tonight for I dident last night so goodnight.

Clearview March 28 1957. Hurrah for fine Clearviews new Berry bowl addition owned by Mr and Mrs George Karras of Seattle, King Co, Washington, which is located at Evans Corner on the fine Snohomish-Woodenville highway through the excellant wide Mainstreet through our fine City of Clearview in our excellant County of Snohomish Co, Wash, is being enlarged.

Mr and Mrs Nolan and Dean Comer will have the new addition ready for the opening Day, Mother's Day May 12 1957. Oh how glad I am to see improvements espectially in our two Great States in U.S.A. Washington & dear Old Oregon.

Dinner guests on Sunday March 28 1957 at the Fine Home of my Westline excellant and adjoining Neighbors Mr & Mrs Martin

Page 62[edit]

Zanon whose whole fine family have saved my life at different times, at the risk of their own health (when I was bedfast with the flue caused from my going and carring for dearly loved Mrs Myron Munson of West Vine St in fine Clearview, Snohomish County, Washin she the Mother of 6 little Children.) Mrs Zanon carring for me like a kind own Daughter & her excellant Husband Martin Zanon just out of a sickbed the day before shoveled a path through 18 inches Snow deep to my front door, and their excellant Daughter Santa Aiding me as also her Brother Rupert driving over terriable-icey roads to get me nessessary Medicine that 3 doses stopped my Coughing and strangling said Medicene oredered by my Snohomish excellant Physician & Surgeon of 119 Ave B, Snohish Snohish Co, Washington Dr E.R. Slade I have had many years and who has saved my life at different times, having to perform excellant operations in order to save my life and he and his excellant Partner Dr and Surgeon Leon F. Aller also of 119 Avenue B, Snohomish Snohomish Co Wash, who are far Superior to the famed May Brothers for my excellant

Page 63[edit]

mentioned Drs do their own Doctoring and surgery and do not show particality to rich or poor. And I cannot find words to do my 2 excellant Doctors the fine justice they deserve. For they are two Physicians I have found I could trust.

Dinner guests on Sunday at the Home of Mr & Mrs Martin Zanon were Mr & Mrs Ernest LaClef of Puyallup, Mr & Mrs Girsten and their two Daughters of Seattle, Mr and Mrs George Keough and their two little fine Sons Danny and Douglas, Mrs George Keough is the Martin Zanons excellant Youngest Daughter of Mr & Mrs Martin Zanon and of course my north Neighbor joing my North home line Mrs Stella Booth a real old time of Clearview 5 years younger than me I being past 87 1/2 years Old.

Vissitors on Sunday at the Home of Mrs & Mrs Ernest Skinner vissited at the Home of Mr and Mr & Mrs E Stevens in Seattle. Other Vissitors were Mrs V Grant, Mr George Stevens & Daughter Arly. Mrs Fletcher of Clearview spent part of last week in a Seattle hospital suffering from pneumonia. She improved and has returned home, but return to the Hospital Thursday for a further observation and treatment. And

Page 64[edit]

Mrs Charles Knott nee Mrs Ella Forehand, recently underwent an operation. She has improved and has been staying at the home of her Daughter Mrs Pugh [Rugh, Bugh ?] at Clearview while she is convalesing. Oh How my heart aches for her for I think she was the owner & still is of the fine Clearview Resturant that was badly damaged by fine [sic] some time ago. I hope she soon entirely recovers, and can reopen her Resturant soon.

Dear Mrs Lena Leslie a verry aged Lady Mother of Mrs Ed Dwyer of Clearview suffered a stroke and passed away on Sunday. I am sincerely glad for her sake for I know she's out of life of terriable suffering and heartbreaks that effect so many human lives. I know to my sorrow what it means from the terriable treachery played on my great great Ancesters from the early settlements up to the present within the past two months. But I still survive said under handed treachery. Any one who will rob a poor aged person thats been on relief for about 23 Years 4 times in succession isent rightly called a human being. And I know from actual experience and when such is placed amongst

Page 65[edit]

other youths he soon has them all educated in crimes. Oh why dont people all be as honorable as our present Grand Old U.S.A.'s present excellant President Dwight D Eisenhower & our equally excellant Vice President Richard Nixon. For as the sayings go, When a man is up they raise him higher, Your soul is for sale and he is the buyer. But when a man is down they give him a thrust and trample the poor fellow into the dust. For comsuming poverty is quite apauling. So they knock him over and kick him for falling. So please keep Climbing the ladder of fame by doing what is right. But I never had an oppertunity to try to climb as I was the slave in my Parents and Brothers family until after I came to clearview 25 years ago last August. And but for fortunate circumstances I would have been Murdered in my former Clearview home. The same party has came 3 times since but circumstances outwitted him.

Clearview March 28 1957. Mrs Stella Booth has returned to her Cearview Home facing on East Vine St, from her Winters Vacation at the Hone[sic] of her Daughter and Soninlaw, Mr & Mrs A McBurney

Page 66[edit]

of La Jolla, California. While in Cal she also vissited at the home of other relatives.

Mrs Cliff Richer and her three Children from Tacoma Wash. vissited at the home of her Mother Mrs Alma Gasher and Mr & Mrs Bill Richer of Clearview, Snohomish Co Wash. from Thurs through Sunday. While here she also attended the television program "Cook Book Quiz" with the members of the Horseshoe Grange.

Mrs H. Osgood of Kenmore, Washington & called on Mrs E Skinner of the fine Clearview Variety Store on the West side of Clearviews excellant Main Street on Monday Morning. Mrs Osgood who owns the nice home joining my South line of my also One Acre home which both places face to the East on East Olympic Ave about 250 feet South of East Vine St in fine Clearview Snohomish Co Wash also made me happy by vissiting me. She has rented their place to a nice Young Preacher & his fine family he getting water from my well until the electric pump pipe that was injured by our this winters cold spell. I guess they get the pipe fixed for they dident get water here Yesterday. I have had the pleasure to see the Preachers fine Wife and Week old baby Daughter but I did

Page 67[edit]

get to see their excellant little 2 years old Son. So I am glad some one lives in the mentioned place so I dont have to worry about the place being harmed. The Preacher appears like a nice man.

My excellant Clearview Neighbors took a trip to vissit in Sequin Wash, Wednesday March 27 1957. Mrs Martin Zanon and her excellant Youngest Daughter Santa (Wife of Young George Keough) and there excellant two little Sons and Mrs Stella Booth all of Clearview enjoyed a trip to Sequim Washington on Wed March 27th 1957 to vissit at the home of Dr and Mrs Keith Senz the occasion honored Mrs Senz on her birthday. Mrs Senz and her also excellant Husband Dr Senz are the Daughter and Soninlaw of my excellant joining Neighbors Mr & Mrs Martin Zanon, Whos home faces on East Olympic Ave in our fine City of Clearview. I have known the Martin Zanon family about 25 years ever since I came to Clearview over 25 years ago. And they have been my genuine living gauading Angel that I know actually exist and they are forever doing my a favor and have saved my life at different times. Which is quite a difference from the robbing fiends of the past.

Page 68[edit]

Hurrah. A Public hearing on New Cross Valley Highway to be held April 15 1957. The proposed constuction of a New Section of State Highway A along the Western City Limmits of Snohomish Snohommish Co Wash. will be given an Official and Public Airing April 15 When highway department heads conduct a hearing here in our find City of Snohomish. The Public hearing will be held at three P.M. Monday April 15 1957 at the Garden City Grange Hall. Highway department Officials said that the route of the New Highway and its economic effect on the community and adjacent properties will be explained. All interested persons and property owners will be given an opportunity to Question the State highwaymen a bout the road and to voice any protests. The proposed new section of highway wiss cross the Snohomish Valley and continue on to Lake Stevens. Numerous private properties will have to be crossed by the Road. And Right of Way purchases will be started in the near future. The proposed route will parallel the Ludwig Road at Snohomish's

Page 69[edit]

Western boundary after crossing the River at a new Span west of the present Highway bridge. It is to be limmited access highway with only three intersections or Access points in the Area.

One Access point will be at the foot of Clearview Hill, another at the second Street connection with the new bridge, And the third near the New Armory North of the excellant City of Snohomish in Snohomish County, Wash. Oh, How I hope they get the mentioned Road fixed so so as to cut off so many square turns across the flat to the west line of the fine City of Snohomish, Snohomish Co, Wash.

Oh Joy to think we have had a local bloodbank for a years and it completes it first year of service. Thirty three pints of life saving blood were donated by the members of the Snohomish walking blood bank during its first Year of service which was completed this Week. And Local hospitals and Medical Officials were quick to offer congratulatory thanks to the Local Program. Organized a year ago through instigation of the Snohomish Chamber of Commerce, the blood bank has

Page 70[edit]

continued to grow. Joe Clayton Snohomish High School teacher has served as director of the program and has played a major role in its success. There are at present just 100 persons signed up on the blood bank rolls. Of the 90 some volenteers 32 has been called on to give blood during the past year. One person Agnes Maller[?] has given blood twice during this time. The blood Bank has undoubtedly ment the saving of life. " Dr Leon Aller, local Physician (and one of my excellant life Savor) And Dr. Erwin Slade the other life savers of 119 Avenue B, Snohomish Snohomish Co, Washington. And Dr Leon[?] Aller Chamber of commerce President said. "And Clayton is especially deserving of praise for his never failing or end work with the program." On several occasions Clayton has had to locate a volenteer and transport the person to an Everett or Monroe Hospital in the middle of the Night. The 3 Major Hospitals in this Area all have presented special commendations to the Snohomish blood bank for its service

Page 71[edit]

The 32 Volenteers who have given blood Agnes Moller, Harold Rothgeb, Velma Jeremiah, Roger Daraby, William Schott, William Heath, Richard Bruton, Dorothy Cram, Lester Holbrook, Surah Stucker, Edwin C Stocker, Paulyne Patrick, G.W. Monroe, Paul Shorrock, Clark Mansfield, Caroline Mansfield, Royal Lamson, Mrs Walter Hereth, Phyllis Dawson, Lee Gemmer, Dahl Norman, L Meyer, Pat Gilberton, Clara Stucky, Helen Tharot [or Thaiot], Mrs Eugene Imeland, Clyde Kinch, Mrs Earl Davenport, Norman E Butters, Dick Robinson, William McAllister, Alene H Nygren and Neil Jeremiah.

But I am sorry to say that with remooval of 4 Skin Cancers and two tumors I do not think my blood would be good for anyone and now I am past 87 1/2 Years old and I am so poor and Boney and wiegh less than 86 lbs and my blood is so thin I almost wonder if I have any. But I feel as though I do pretty well to do my own housework and own cooking. But I dont have to worry for I have two of the best Physicians who have removed cancers &

Page 72[edit]

Tumors and saved my life several times and they possess somethig many Physicians do not which are kind hearts and do not show parciality. They are Dr E.R. Slade, M.D. and his also excellant Partner Leon F Aller of 119 Ave B. Snohomish, Snohomish Co, Wash.

Please no California for me for my Parents Brother Perry I traveled and camped 3 Months in California the Summer of 1891, which was brought to my mind by the following statement.

The Heifort's Trip to California. His trip to San Francisco makes for Earths Shaking News. It was Earth Shaking News when Snohomish's Earle Helfert Made a trip to California last Week, for the local Realtor was on the 9th floor of San Franciscos Sir Francis Drake Hotel when one of the heaviest of the series of Earthquakes struck the Bay City. "I thought it was the end for sure," Said Earle, "I remember thinking that perhaps I should get under a doorframe or something to stop the falling debris. But I dident. I just stood there." Helfort who made the trip to San Francisco Cal. and Oakland with the Aviation Board of the County

Page 73[edit]

Advisory committee (When I make mistake please remember I am sorry to say I am part English.) of which he Heifort is a member said he saw verry little panic in San Francisco during the Earth Quake. However many of the taller Hotel sent their Guests across to Oakland that day for safety sake. During the Evening before the Quake, Heifert and other men vissited the famed Top of the Mark, and while in an elevator, Earle made a remark that he later recalled with amusement. "This would be a fine place to be if there were an Earthquake," Earl joked. "And Frisco is due for one you know."

But returning to interesting subjects in Snohomish Wash which I think is only about 7 miles noth[sic] of where I am sitting writng in my Clearview humble home. A picture of a Blood Bark Record. During the past year, 33 pints of blood were donated by members of the Snohomish walking blood bank. To help visualize the total amount of life saving blood given by local Volenteers, Blood Bank director Joe Clayton lined up 33 empty pint Jars. The picture-

Page 74[edit]

ed jars would hold hold more than four gallons of whole blood a vital amount for numerous patients in this Area.

Oh How happy it makes me to know that our Grand Old United States Presidents Dweight D Eisenhower made the trip Burmuda where he went to confer with British Prime Minister Macillan in Burmuda. Back from Burmuda: In Washington D.C. (not in our excellent State Washington). Yesterday March 24 1957. President Dwight D. Eisenhower left the Presidential Plane Columbine II, at National Airport after returning from conference with Minister MacMillan in Bermuda. Following the President Dwight D. Eisenhower were secretary of State Dulles and Press Secretary James Hagerty.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower is going to speed Atomic Warhears for British Use. Washington D.C. March 25 1957. President Dwight D. Eisenhower intends to go so far as the Law will alow in making Atomic Warheads for guided Misiles accessiable for British use in immergencis. President Dwight

Page 75[edit]

D. Eisenhower and British Prime Minister McMillan reached a final agreement, in principle "during their talks at Bermuda that Certain guided Missiles will be made available by the United States for use by British forced." This was one of the Major results of the conference. President Dwight D Eisenhower returned to Washington D.C. Yesterday March 24 1957 to set in motion the actions needed to carry out his agreement with the British Prime Minister. British Lacks financing. Although the British are fairly well well advanced in the development of guided Missles and Atomic explosives they are reported way behind the United States in both fields. Moreover they lack the financing nessessary to undertake large development and production programs. In fact they are now having to cut down on their World wide Military committments and reduce their Military Manpower in order to save money. President Dwight D Eisenhower assured MacMillan that the United States would help Britian reduce

Page 76[edit]

its forced and at the same time maintain its firepower at a high level of effectiveness. This was reflected in the conference Communique with the announcement of the aggrement on guided missiles. What the communique did not cover is the Question of how the British are to get the Atomic Warheads for these and any other weapons that may be supplied by the United States under the United States Law President Dwight D. Eisenhower is forbidden to give or lend explosives to any Foreign Power, or rather Goverment. What the Administration has decided to do however is to store in Britain supplies of Atomic War heads which could be quickly fitted on the missiles provided to the British. Other Declarations made. Other accomplishments of the meeting included, J.A. joing declaration that the United States and Britian would be willing to give to the United Nations advance notice of their Nuclear test and to allow, "limited international observation," if the Russians would do the same with their

Page 77[edit]

test. 2nd an agreement supporting United Nations resolutions covereing U N responsibility for Maintaining security in the Gaza strip and the Gulf of Aquaba. 3 A Declaration of support for the efforts of U.S. Secretary General Hammarskjold to negotiate a settlement of the Suez Canal Argument with Egypt along lines which would assure some kind of international Voice in the Canal's operation. 4 A Declaration of American willingness to join the Military Committee of the Bagdad Pact. This means in effect that the United States will work closely with Britian, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Parkistan, to shape the overall defense strategy for the Middle East. Our excellant President Dwight D. Eisenhower sure had to do a lot of brain work doing the above excellant buisness. And a mighty lot of stratagey, to accomplish the wonderful job he did.

Clearview March 31 1957. Here is something of great Interest to the Whole World that wants right to rule. Nike Unit Praised : Lieut. General Stanly R. Mickelson, Chief of Grand Old U.S.A.

Page 78[edit]

Army's Anti-Air-craft Command, toyed with a plastic Model of a Nike guided Missile at Fort Lawton Yesterday as he praised the 28 Army Anti-Aircraft Battalion. From left in a fine picture were Major General Edward J. McGow, Chief of the 6 Anti Aircraft Reginal Command, Fort Baker, California, General Micelson, and Major General Raleigh Hendrix, Deputy Chief of the Anti-Air Force Base Colorado Spring, U.S.A. The excellant American Nike is cited as a great War deterrent. Our Great U.S.A. Nike anti air craft Missile System is the most "tangible, visible & successful" War deterrent in its field. Lieut. Gen. Stanly R. Mickelson, Chief of Americans Armys Anti-Aircraft Command, said in fine Seattle, King Co. Washington Yesterday. Battalion is best. General Michelson, whose headquarters is at Ent Air Force Base Colorado Springs was here to pay tribute to the 28th Army Antiairaft Battalion at a Banquet in the Fort Lawton Officers' Club last Night

Page 79[edit]

The Battalion was named the American Armys top guided Missile unit. Mainly as a result of firing competitions held recently at Red Cross Canyon firing range in New Mexico. It was the World's first competitive "Shoot" for Missile Units. And General Mickelson last Night presented the first Nike firing trophy to the 28 Battalion. Here With General Mickelson for the Ceremony are hes deputy Major General Raleigh Hendrix and Major General Edward J. McGaw, Chief of the sixth Anti Aircraft Regional Command. Fort Baker in California. Yesterday the three Generals took part in the Opening of a five hundred thousand housing development for Anti-aircraft personal and their famlies near Redmond Washington. The 36-unit project is the first to be built under the Military Construction Authority. And the first famlies begin mooving in soon after the opening Ceremonies. In an interview, General Micelson praised not only the 28 Battalion but all Units

Page 80[edit]

of his Anti-Aircraft Command. "Concept Revolutionezed", I am not overlooking any of them", the General said, "In fact I have been exhilerated by the fantastic accuracey which the Missile units of the command have demonstrated." The Combination of Air power and the Atomic bomb have revolutionized the concept of war to this extent. The front line of a global War in which the United States might partisipate is today directly over our heads." "The Army goal is the first to deter War by having a position of strength and power that will assure Victory. The deterrent to war must be of course be something tangiable and visible. "I beleive that that there is nothing so tangable and visible and successful in its field as the Nike Missle system the General said. "The men of the 28th Battalion do not need to speculate on what Nike can do. They have written the answer in the Sky for all to See. And all the above took place only a few miles from my home where I'm writing

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A piece that follows was written on the day before before my 87 years Birthday which Birth day was on the 13 1956, But a piece refers to a excellant Seattle Physician named Dr Herbert Coe, who had been chosen Medical Staff Presedent of the Medical & Dentla Building Hospital. Mrs Nan Rowlands, Administrator said that day. Other Officers were Dr S F Wiltsie, Vice Presidient, and Dr Wallice Hunt Secretary. The 30 bed Hospital was in operation more than 30 than 30 Years, never had been organized with a staff before. The stall [staff] included 160 Physician. The reason I have written the a bove is I am wondering if the Dr Herbert E. Coe is the Son the excellant Seattle Health Officer Dr F.H. Coe during the Month of Febuary & March 1886 Dr Coes Son then was 10 years Old. Excellant Dr F. H. Coe the Health Officer saved my Parents, Brother and My lives when we had been poisoned with overripe fish over ripe beef and Poisoned tea when the murdering fiend couldent break into our

Page 82[edit]

room at midnight, and he the proprietor and both door locks were broken and the transom to Mothers and my room sissing. But we'd fixed the doors so he couldent get in so they he tried the poisoning. But we left the Hotel after breakfast, and went to another place but they followed us. But fine Dr. Coe saved our lives, and I have after wondered if Dr Coe's 10 years old Son also became a Physician, and prooved to also be good and trustworthy like his excellant Father. Mrs Mann was our Nurse.

Our excellant President Dwight D Eisenhower Pair Honor to the Memmory of excellant Magsaysay. Well Magsaysay is out of this Life of sufferings and vile treachery.

The cheers for this beautiful plump baby. Mrs George W. Salyer gave birth to the baby called Lee a seven-month baby unattended at their home near Kenmore and on March 1957 he weighs 20 lbs. I wasent premature when born and weighed 4 1/2 lbs. But dear Mother dident have much to eat and I weighed 25 lbs when I started to shool when I was 5 years Old and now at 87 1/2 years I weigh 84 lbs.

Page 82[edit]

Why will people spend their money to go to foreign and sickly Countries to see fine Scenery when we got grand scenery in Washington Oregon and Alaska. State leases Pilchuck Site. Olympia, Wash March 19 1957 Our excellant State of Wash has leased an 80 Acres track in the Mount Baker district National Forest as a site for a State Park, John R. Vanderzitch, State parks Director anounced today. The tract is on mount Pilchuck East of Everett. The Park will be known as Mount Pilchuck State Park. Vanderzitch said the lease which was made by the United States Forest Service will run for 30 years. Ease of access and fine Snow conditions should make it one of the most popular Skie Aries in the State when development is completed. Vandersicht said. And the excellant City is only 12 miles Northwest of our fine City of Clearview Route 3 Snohomish Co Washington.

Monday April 1st 1956 Israel May Send Ship Into Canal in Showdown. Isreal plans to force a showdown

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on the Question of free passage of the Suez Canal. Jerusalem dispatches said today. A Dutch trade delegation in Israel quoted high Goverment sources as saying a ship flying the Israel Flag will join a covoy soon in a test of Egyptian Nassers intentions. "We know what will happen," the Israeli Officials were quoted as saying. "Our Ship and Cargo will be seized and the Crew will be arrested. What will happen" the Isreal Officials were quoted as saying, "will be of considerable significance." United States Protests to Egypt. The Israel decission was reported as Nasser studied an American Note protesting the "Nasser plan" for operation of the Canal by Egypt alone. All indications were in Cairo that the Western Canal Users would have to excpt's[?] Terms. A spokesman for the Egyptian Suez Canal Authority gave a strong indication of this today when he said several big American and British Tankers and Freighters had applied for permission to transit the Canal. The spokes

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sman said permission would be granted if the Canal tools [tolls] are paid in advance in either United States or Canadian dollars, Brittian would insist. Brittian would be expected to insist on payment in pounds sterling because of the dollar shortage. U.N.Plan was noted. The United States note was reported to insist that Nasser amend his plan to take into account the six principles for running the Canal that were approved by the Unitd Nations Security Council last October 13 1956. These principles call for free and open transit, Respect for for Egypt's Soveringnty[?], Agreement on tolls, development of the Canal, arbitration in Case of dispute, And none political operation of the Canal. I was wondering when Egyptian Nasser came to our excellant America to see our excellant President Dwight D. Eisenhower if it would be possiable for him to do what is was right. For my childhood memories of the terriable treachery of the Gypsies still linger in my mind even at past 87 1/2 years old. And Oh How my heart ached for

Page 85[edit]

his dear little suffering Son. And Oh what beautiful bigg Eyes the child has. But Please no wind swept deserts for me but let me live out my life in fine mild moist Climate for me in my dearly loved Clearview Route 3 Snohomish Co Wash amongst the finest people that ever lived.

Hurrah for the to be good powerhouse dam at Priest Rapids. Dam on our great-grand Mighty Columbea River to soon be built. The Powerhouse site excavation crews stripped overburden from the power sight of a powerhouse for Priest Rapids Dam. This powerhouse is to be 1,025 feet long and 197 feet Wide, and will hold eight generators rated at a total of 630,800 Kilowats. The present work force of 500 men will expand to 2,000 by this Summer of 1957. The Bethlehem Paciffic Coast steel Corp, furnished some of the piling[?] in a picture. The Grant County Publick Utillity District is building the Priest Rapids Dam. Ater my waiting until now April first 1957 since Oct 1883 when I was 14 on the 13 of that Sept 1883 to have them dam Priest Rapids I have to know they are doing it. Oh How happy

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it makes me to know the dam is being built.

Seattle, King Co, Washington March 31 1957. A Traditional Service was held at the Luthern Church in Ballard in King Co Washington. The Ballard Fishermen and their famlies filled the mentioned church for the 28th Annual Fishermen Festival. The service invoked blessings upon Fishermen who soon will depart for Northern fishing Waters. The Reverend Dr. O. L. Hoovik who orriginated the Service was liturgist. The Church present pastor is Revered Burton W. Smith delivered the Sermon. Govenor Rosellini and acting Mayor David Levine took part. Which brings to my mind the Sons, Brave boy are they gone at their Countries Call. And Yet. And Yet we cannot forget that many brave boys must Fall. Brave boys and men are they to go fishing in our Northern Waters that their fine famlies may be supported and many of the brave men may be shipwrecked & drowned. I am a verry ages fish and never swam so Il stay in my humble Home in fine Clearveiew amongst my excellant Clearview Neighbors I worship

Page 87[edit]

where my home is safe from any crumbling hand and away from any tidal waves or fierce Ocean Storms or Eastern Cyclones Or Eastern hard Winters, in our mind Moist Climate.

Oh How glad I am that our great grand U.S.A.'s excellant Vice President has the power to judge our excellant Presidents Health so no one can say President Dwight D. Eisenhower is Physically unable to run our Great USA affairs. For reason tells me their are many persons who would gladly unseat our Noble President from his Presidential Chair. And a gealous person is its own worst enemy. Laugh and the World laughs with you. But Weep and you weep a lone. For the world has trouble enough of its own. A smile brigs friends. And a scowl drives people from you.

Arms for South Korea. John A. Hannah, a former Assistant Secretary of defense renewed today his plea for the United States to ignore Armistic restrictions and Arm United Nations Forces in Korea, with the fastest

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Jet Planes and other Modern Military equipment. Hannah who is now President of Michigan State University told a States Committee of the Senate studying Foreigh Aid we must recognize the facts of life in Korea. Where he said the Communists (who are simply Anarchi[smudge] under a different name) have Flagrantly Violated " the agreement against modernizing Armies on either side.

The Communists are same principled that The American Rebils were during the Cival War between the North & South from 1861-1865. I sure ought to know for my Father was a Union Soldier in Company C 6 Iowa Volenteers infantry during the War from 1861 to 1865. And his Brother Amos was a Rebil Symphizer and two Cowardly to even join the Rebil Army and his treachery all but cost my Father his life. But circumstanes aided Father. For we are all creatures of circumstances that surround our Parents which I know is true to my sorrow even foul treachery to me up to within 2 months

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causing me to have to send word to the authorities regarding the Young fiend.

Hurrah for Senator Knowland of Cal. Barter Plan hit. Senate Republican Leader Knowland of California split with the Eisenhower Administration to day to oppose a proposal for the the Barter of surplus farm commodities to Iron Curtain Countries. Knowland said he is opposed to a provision of a pending bill approved by President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Secretary of Agriculture Benson which would permit the exchange of Russian Satelites of food & fibres[?] for Stategic material. We donot want to give Russians in power any excuse to come to American and leave a trail of bombs in there wake and see and learn valuable information and their fiendish spies filter into our Country. For its been known of the Russians in powers treachery for Centuries and fiendishness. My heart aches for their own people and unfortinates that fall under their power and I will friends are their own worst enemy.

To be continued from book or tablet from 56 finnished at 9PM April 2nd 1957 and continued to book or Tablet 57 on April 2nd 1957 at 9.30 PM