Diary of the times of Charles II/Volume 1/Diary continued, August 31 to September 2

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August 31st.There dined with me Mr. Middleton and his governor. After dinner, Colonel Fitz Patrick sent me a letter, which gave him notice of the Duke's being gone into England; it was from J. Ch., which Mr. Meredith thought was one Chaumont. He blamed the rashness of the Duke's action, and spoke of the ill-usage of the Catholics.

Sept. 1st.I went to Monsieur Van Beuninghen, and found him in the forchoult; he was not at all disposed to make any new alliance, and talked much of the Duke's going into England, and so does all the world. In the afternoon, I went to Hounslerdyke, and staid there till nine. I met the Prince in the way in a narrow passage, and told him how the King was, and of the Duke's going, which he was surprised at, but said he could not blame him, for he believes he should have done the same thing if he had been in his place. He is afraid it will be ill for the King's business.

2nd.I went to Hounslerdyke, and had a long conversation with the Prince on public affairs, of the Duke's going into England, of the Parliament, of Fitz Patrick, of Lord Halifax. He said he could not bring himself to write to the Duchess of Portsmouth. He shewed me a letter from the Duke, and one from Mr. Grodolphin, inviting him to come over. I received letters from Lord Sunderland, Mr. Godolphin, Sir W. Temple, and sister Sunderland.