Dictionary of Christian Biography and Literature to the End of the Sixth Century/Basiliscus

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Basiliscus, martyr, bp. of Comana, martyred with Lucianus at Nicomedia under Maximin, A.D. 312 (Pallad. Dial. de V. St. Chrys. xi., misreading, however, Maximian for Maximin). St. Chrysostom, when exiled, was received upon his journey in a "martyrium," built some five or six miles out of Comana in memory of Basiliscus, and there died and was buried (Theod. H. E. v. 30; Soz. viii. 28; Pallad. as above; Niceph. xiii. 37). Basiliscus is said to have been shod with iron shoes, red hot, and then beheaded and thrown into the river (Menol. in Baron. May 22).