Dictionary of Christian Biography and Literature to the End of the Sixth Century/Joannes (504), abbat of Mt. Sinai

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Joannes (504), surnamed Climacus, Scholasticus, or Sinaita. At the age of 16 he entered the monastery of Mount Sinai, subsequently became an anchoret, and at 75 abbat of Mount. Sinai. At the entreaty of John abbat of Raïthu he now composed his works, the Scala Paradisi and the Liber ad Pastorem; from the title (κλῖμαξ) of the first of these he gained his name of Climacus (Climakos). It contains his experiences in the spiritual life, with instructions for the attainment of a higher degree of holiness, and is dedicated to the abbat of Raïthu who afterwards wrote a commentary upon it (Patr. Gk. lxxxviii.1211–1248). Returning into solitude, John died at an advanced age early in the 7th cent. Boll: Acta SS. Mart. iii. 834: Migne, u.s. 631–1210; a new ed. of the Gk. text of his works was pub. in 1883 at Constantinople by Sophronius Eremites; Surius, de Probatis Sanct. Historiis, Mar. 30.