Dictionary of Christian Biography and Literature to the End of the Sixth Century/Joannes Scythopolita, a scholasticus in Palestine

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Joannes (565) Scythopolita, a scholasticus of Scythopolis in Palestine. Photius had read a work of his in 12 books, Against Separatists from the Church or Against Eutyches and Dioscorus, written at the request of a patriarch Julianus, probably Julian patriarch of Antioch, A.D. 471–476 (Phot. Cod. 95, in Patr. Gk. ciii. 339 B). John of Scythopolis was also the author of παραθέσεις or commentaries on the Pseudo-Dionysius, which had a wide circulation for some centuries. Among the Syriac MSS. in the Brit. Mus. there is a Syriac trans. of Dionysius, with an introduction and notes by Phocas bar-Sergius of Edessa, a writer of the 8th cent. The notes are largely a translation of the παραθέσεις (Wright, Cat. Syr. MSS. pt. ii. p. 493). Cf. Loofs, Leontius von Byzanz. (1887).