Dictionary of Christian Biography and Literature to the End of the Sixth Century/Julianus Sabas, an anchorite

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Julianus (105) Sabas, Oct. 18, an anchorite, whose history Theodoret tells. Sabas or Sabbas, says Theodoret, was a title of veneration, meaning an elder, corresponding with "abbas" or father, commonly applied to anchorites in the East. His cave was in Osrhoëne; he practised extraordinary asceticism and endured extremes of heat and fatigue. In 372, on the expulsion of Meletius, bp. of Antioch, the triumphant Arian party gave out that Julian had embraced their views; whereupon Acacius (subsequently bp. of Berrhoea), accompanied by Asterius, went to Julian and induced him to visit Antioch, where his presence exposed the slander and encouraged the Catholics. He returned to his cave and there died. Theod. H. E. iii. 19, iv. 24; Hist. Religios. No. ii.; Menol. Grace. Sirlet.; Ceillier, viii. 238; Wright, Cat. Syr. MSS. ii. 700, iii. 1084, 1090.