Dictionary of Christian Biography and Literature to the End of the Sixth Century/Leontius, a scholasticus of Byzantium

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Leontius (62), a scholasticus of Byzantium, and afterwards a monk in Palestine, who wrote c. 610 a Gk. treatise de Sectis (Patr. Gk. lxxxvi. 1193; Cave, i. 543; Ceillier, xi. 666). Cf. Fessler Jungmann, Inst. Patr. ii. 2, p. 95; but esp. F. Loofs, Leontius von Byzanz and die Gleichnamigen Schrifts teller der Griechischen Kirche (Leipz. 1887); also Herzog's Encycl. 3rd ed. s.v. "Leonz. von Byzanz."