Dictionary of Christian Biography and Literature to the End of the Sixth Century/Macarius, a Roman Christian

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Macarius (24), a Christian of Rome who (end of 4th cent.) wrote on the divine providence in opposition to heathen notions of fate and astrology. Finding some difficulties, he dreamed of a ship bringing relief to his doubts. Rufinus just at this time arriving from Palestine, Macarius saw in this the interpretation of his dream and sought from him light from the Greek fathers. Rufinus trans. for him Origen's eulogy on the martyr Pamphilus (said by Jerome to be really by Eusebius) and also Origen's περί Ἀπχῶν, the publication of which led to violent controversy. [HIERONYMUS; ORIGEN.] Jerome calls him Ὅλβιος, saying, "Tunc discipulus Ὄλβιος, vere nominis sui si in talem magistrum non impegisset" (Ep. cxxvii. ad Princ. ed. Vall.)