Dictionary of Christian Biography and Literature to the End of the Sixth Century/Paulus II, patriarch of Antioch

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Paulus (10) II., patriarch of Antioch, a.d. 519–521 (Clinton, F. R.). On the expulsion of the Monophysite Severus by Justin, Paulus, a presbyter of Constantinople, warden of the hospice of Eubulus, was nominated by the emperor to the vacant see, and was canonically ordained at Antioch. He strictly attended to Justin's commands to enforce the decrees of Chalcedon, and by inserting in the diptychs the names of the orthodox bishops of that synod caused a schism in his church, many of the Antiochenes regarding the council with suspicion, as tending to Nestorianism. Clergy, laity, and resident foreigners joined in accusing him before the papal legates, who were at that time in Constantinople, of conduct unbecoming a bishop. They departed without coming to any conclusion, and the charge was repeated before Justin. Paulus, unable to clear himself, obtained leave of the emperor to retire from his bishopric, a.d. 521. He was succeeded by Euphrasius. Evagr. H. E. iv. 4; Theophan. p. 141; Joann. Malal. lib. xvii. p. 411; Eutych. ii. 152; Ep. Justini, Labbe, iv. 1555; Le Quien, Or. Christ. ii. 732.