Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology/Cleomenes II.

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CLEO′MENES II., the 25th king of Sparta of the Agid line, was the son of Cleombrotus I. and the brother of Agesipolis II., whom he succeeded in B. C. 370. He died in B. C. 309, after a reign of sixty years and ten months; but during this long period we have no information about him of any importance. He had two sons, Acrotatus and Cleonymus. Acrotatus died during the life of Cleomenes, upon whose death Areus, the son of Acrotatus, succeeded to the throne. [Areus I.;Cleonymus.] (Diod. xx. 29; Plut. Agis 3; Paus. i. 13. § 3, iii. 6. § 1 ; Manso, Sparta, iii. 1, p. 164, 2. pp. 247, 248: Diod. xv. 60, contradicts himself about the time that Cleomenes reigned, and is evidently wrong; see Clinton, Fast. ii. pp. 213, 214.) [P. S.]