Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology/Heracleonas

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Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology  (1870) 
by Various Authors, edited by William Smith

HERACLEO′NAS (Ἡρακλειωνᾶς), the second son of the emperor Heraclius, reigned together with his brother, Constantine III., after the death of their father in March (February), A. D. 641, and he succeeded his brother in the month of June (May) following. Constantine III. had two sons, but their legitimate rights were disregarded by his ambitious stepmother Martina, who placed her younger son, Heracleonas, on the throne, and reigned in his name till the following month of September, when her misgovernment was put an end to by a revolt of the people, headed by Valentinus, the commander of the troops in Asia. Martina was punished with the loss of her tongue, and Heracleonas was deprived of his nose. They were both confined in a convent, and finished their days in obscurity. Heracleonas was succeeded by Constans II., the son of his brother, Constantine III. [Constantinus III.; Constans II.] [W. P.]