Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography/Aciris

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ACIRIS ('Ajcipis), a river of Lucania, mentioned both by Pliny and Strabo, as flowing near to Heraclea on the N. side, as the Siris did on the S. It is still called the Acri or Agri, and has a coarse of above 50 miles, rising in the Apennines near JTarMOS Xwovo, and flowing into the Golf of Ta^ mtam, a littfe to the N. (^ PolioorOj the site of the aodeDt Heradea. (Plin. iS. 11. s. 15; Strab. PL 264.) The Acn>u» of the Itinerary is snpposed It Chxveriiis to be a corraptim of this name, bnt it wodd spfetr to be that of a town, rather than a dnr. (Itin. Ant. p. 104.)[ E. H. B. ]