Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography/Acium

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A'CIUM, a small town on the £. coast of Sialy, lawtinned only in the Itinerary (Itin. Ant p 87), idnch places it on the high road from Catana to Tsoiancnhmi, at the distimoe of 9 H. P. from the faaer dty. It evidently derived its name from Hie little river Ads, and is probably identical with die nodem Ad Reakj a considerable town, aboat a ■ale from the sea, in the neighboarhood of which, IB the road to CatamOf are extensive remains of BooMD Thermae. (Biscari, Viaggio in Sicilia, fi 22; Ortolani, Dm. Gtogr. p. 9.)[ E. H. B. ]