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ADRAA (AJprfa, Euseb. OnomasL : "A^pa. Ptol. v. 15. § 23: LXX. 'EZpativ, *E^paiv: Eng.'Vers. Edrei: and probably the *hlpaxrc6s of Hierocles, p. 273: Draa), a town in Palestine, near the sources

of the river Hieromax, and deeply embayed in the ■pot ii 1^ noviOiD chaiD of HoiThm. Before tfaf na((v>t nf Canua hj JoehiiK, it wu one of Ibe ilKfdintfOg.king nf BuhwL After hii defeat ~ Iba half triba of Ma- sitem aide of Jo at of a Chmtian biabap at an (wlj tiine, «id ■ ^aabop of Adna sat in tbe oooDcjl of Sdflu^ (A.D. 38l}}, BdofChal«idoo (A.D. 451). By the Giwki il na csUod Adna, and bj tbe Cnuadoi - - - »at a mifca, a largfl nctangolar a doaUa covoid colonnadfl, in tinmiddlo. (Nimibon,iiL33; . L 10 ; Jishu liL i. xiii. IS, 31 ; .laftg. IT. 5. I 43 : Bnckingbam. Triadt, iAB.f.H6:itmkiaiit,id.y,m.') [ W. B. D. ]