Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography/Aphaca

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A´PHACA (Ἄφακα: Afka), a town of Syria, midway between Heliopolis and Byblus. (Zosim. i. 58.) In the neighbourhood was a marvellous lake. (Comp. Senec. Quaest. Nat. iii. 25.) Here was a temple of Aphrodite, celebrated for its impure and abominable rites, and destroyed by Constantine. (Euseb. de Vita, iii. 55; Sozom. ii. 5.) Aphek in the land assigned to the tribe of Asher (Joshua, xix. 30), but which they did not occupy (Judges i. 31), has been identified with it. (Winer, Real Wort. art. Aphek.) Burckhardt (Travels, p. 25) speaks of a lake Liemoun, 3 hours' distance from Afka, but could hear of no remains there. (Comp. paper by Rev. W. Thomson, in Am. Bibliotheca Sacra, vol. v. p. 5.) [ E. B. J. ]