Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography/Ibliodurum

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IBLIODURUM, in Gallia Belgica, is placed by the Antonine Itin. on the road between Virodunum (Verdun) and Divodurum (Metz). The termination (durum) implies that it is on a stream. The whole distance in the Itin. between Verdun and Metz is 23 Gallic leagues, or 34 ½ M. P., which is less than even the direct distance between Verdun and Metz. There is, therefore, an error in the numbers in the Itin. somewhere between Virodunum and Divodurum, which D'Anville corrects in his usual way. The site of Ibliodurum is supposed to be on the Iron, at a place about two leagues above its junction with the Orne, a branch of the Mosel, and on the line of an old road. [ G. L. ]