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ICHNAE (Ἴχναι), Isid. Char. p. 3; Steph. B. s. v.), a small fortified town, or castle, in Mesopotamia, situated on the river Bilecha, which itself flowed into the Euphrates. It is said by Isidorus to have owed its origin to the Macedonians. There can be little doubt that it is the same place as is I called in Dion Cassius Ἴχνιαι (xl. 12), and in Plutarch Ἴσχνιαι (Crass, c. 25). According to the former writer, it was the place where Crassus overcame Talymenus: according to the latter, that to which the younger Crassus was persuaded to fly when wounded. Its exact position cannot be determined; but it is clear that it was not far distant j from the important town of Carrhae. [ V. ]