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Born Oct., 1779: only daughter of Henry, fourth Baron Aylmer, and his wife Catherine, who was sister to Lord Whitworth, Ambassador to Buonaparte in 1803. Walter Savage Landor wrote verses to her at Swansea about 1796–7, and she lent him the book which suggested the subject of his poem "Gebir." She went to India in 1878 with her aunt (née Whitworth) wife of Sir Henry Russell (q.v.), Puisne judge, afterwards Chief Justice of Bengal, and became engaged to Sir Henry's son, afterwards second Baronet, but died of cholera on March 2, 1800, at her uncle's house in Calcutta. Landor's elegy on her death was published in 1806. She was buried in the cemetery in South Park Street, Calcutta, the inscription on her tomb being taken from Young's Night Thoughts, iii. 70.