Dictionary of Indian Biography/Banerji, Surendranath

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Second son of Durga Charan Banerji, medical practitioner, Calcutta: born Nov., 1848: educated at the Doveton College, Calcutta: B.A,, 1868: passed in England the competitive examination for the Indian Civil Service, 1869: went out to Bengal, 1871: Assistant Magistrate at Sylhet: ceased to be a member of the Civil Service in March, 1874: became a Professor of English Literature in the Metropolitan Institution, 1876: joined the Free Church Institution and Duff College, 1881: founded the Ripon College, 1882: proprietor of the weekly Bengalee in 1878: imprisoned for one month in the civil side of the Presidency Jail, 1883, for contempt of court: established the Indian Association, 1876: represented the Calcutta Corporation in the Bengal Legislative Council, 1893: President of the nth meeting of the Indian National Congress at Poona, 1895, of the 18th at Ahmadabad, 1902: elected a Fellow of the Calcutta University by the Graduates, 1904.