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CAILLAUD, JOHN (1724–1812)

Born 1724 : joined Onslow's regt., afterwards the 8th King's, in 1743 : fought at Fontenoy and Culloden : petitioned the E.I. Co. for a Commission in 1752 : joined Stringer Lawrence at Trichinopoly with troops in 1753 : was repulsed before Madura in April, 1757 : defended Trichinopoly : defeated the Mysoreans near Madura : in Nov. 1759. he arrived at Calcutta, appointed to the chief military command in Bengal : took command of the British force co-operating with the Nawab of Bengal to protect Bihar against the Shahzada : defeated the Emperor at Sirsi, Feb. 22, 1760 : took a prominent part in deposing Mir Jafar, and setting up Mir Kasim : Lt-Colonel in the E. Indies, Jan. 1760 : reverted to Madras, 1761 : Brig-General, 1763 : appointed C. in C, Madras, in succession to Lawrence, 1766 : took possession of the Northern Sircars for the E. I. Co. in 1766 : concluded a treaty with Nizam Ali of Hyderabad to pay a yearly tribute of 7 lakhs for the Sircars : resigned, Jan. 1767, and went to England : D.C.L., Oxford, 1773 : he died in England, at Aston Rowant, Dec. 26, 1812.