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BANCROFT, GEORGE (fl. 1548), translator, was a divine of the church of England, who, for the edifying of his dear brethren in Christ and for the prevention of their deception by crafty connivance, translated into the English tongue the 'Responsio Prædicatorum Basileensium in defensionem rectæ Administrationis Cœnee Dominicæ.' The preface is dedicated to the right worshipful and his 'singuler good Master Silvester Butler,' and wishes him 'prosperitye and healthe boeth of bodye and soule.' The book is written in the common heated fashion of his time. It speaks of the clergy of the Roman Catholic church as 'devilles apes,' 'beastly bishops of Babylon,' and 'maskinge masse priestes.' The precise title of Bancroft's book is 'The Answere that the Preachers of the Gospel at Basile made for the defence of the true administration and use of the holy Supper of our Lord. Agaynst the abhominatiō of the Popyshe Masse. Translated out of Latin into Englyshe by George Bancrafte, 1548.'

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