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BOTTETOURT, JOHN de (d. 1324), baron and admiral, was governor of St. Brinvel's Castle and warden of the Forest of Dene. In 1294 he commanded the fleet supplied by Yarmouth and the neighbouring coast, and the next year burnt Cherbourg. He served in the expeditions of Edward I to Gascony and Scotland Having married Maud, sister and heiress of Otto, the son and heir of Beatrice Beauchamp, widow of William of Munchensi, lord of Edwardston, he came into the estates of his mother-in-law. In 1304 he received a commission under the great seal to hear and determine the causes of a violent quarrel between the mayor and burgesses of Bristol and Lord Thomas of Berkeley and his son Maurice. He was summoned to parliament from 1305 to 1324. He joined Guy Beauchamp, earl of Warwick, in carrying off Piers Gaveston from the custody of the Earl of Pembroke, and, in common with the other nobles concerned in the death of the favourite, made his peace with the king in 1313. The next year he commanded the fleet employed in the expedition against Scotland. When a new permanent council was appointed in 1318, his name was added in pariiament. to those already ageed upon. He died in 1324, leaving his grandson .lohn his heir, his son Thomas having died before him.

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