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CARON, REDMOND (1605?–1666), Irish friar and author, was born of a good family near Athlone, Westmeath, about 1605, and embraced the order of St. Francis in the convent there when about sixteen years of age. He afterwards studied philosophy at Drogheda in a monastery of his own order, and when the convents were seized by the government went to the continent, completing his studies at Salzburg and Louvain. For some time he held a chair in the latter university. Returning to Ireland as commissary-general of the recollects, he took the part of the loyal catholics against the supporters of Dr. Neill, and was in extreme danger of his life when he was saved by the interposition of the Earl of Castlehaven. He died at Dublin in May 1666, and was buried in St. James's Church, he was the author of the following chiefly controversial works: 1. 'Roma triumphans septicollis, quâ novâ hactenus et insolitâ Methodo comparativâ tota Fides Romano-Catholica clarissimè demonstratur, atque Infidelium omnium Argumenta diluuntur,' Antwerp, 1636. 2. 'Apostolus Evangelicus Missionariorum Regulariûm per universum Mundum expositus, Antwerp, 1653; Paris, 1659. 3. 'Controversiæ Generales Fidei contra Infideles omnes, Judæos, Mahometanos, Paganos et cujuscunque Sectæ Hæreticos,' Paris, 1660. 4. 'Loyalty asserted and the late Remonstrance or Allegiance of the Irish Clergy and Laity confirmed and proved by the authority of Scriptures, Fathers, Expositors, Popes, Canons, &c.,' London, 1662; and some other tractates which were never printed.

[Ware's Works (Harris), ii. 144-5.]

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Dictionary of National Biography, Errata (1904), p.55
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