Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Ethelred (d.889)

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1150904Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900, Volume 18 — Ethelred (d.889)1889William Hunt

ETHELRED or ÆTHELRED (d. 889), archbishop of Canterbury, a monk of Christ Church, Canterbury, is said to have been bishop of Wiltshire when Æthelred and Ælfred appointed him to the archbishopric in 870; but the statement, though not necessarily incorrect, is open to question (insertion probably of a late date in ‘A.-S. Chronicle, Winchester,’ and the late version ‘Cott. Otho B.’ xi.). He received the pall from Hadrian II, and on his return from Rome is said to have designed to expel the secular clergy from his church. This, however, is also doubtful [see under Ceolnoth]. He forbore to do so. He appears to have consecrated Llunwerth or Lwmbert, probably the same as Hubert the Saxon, to the see of St. David's in 874, and Cyfeiliawg or Chevelliauc to the see of Llandaff; and as King Ælfred's overlordship was undoubtedly acknowledged in South Wales, it is not unlikely that spiritual subjection followed temporal dependence. He was a witness to Ælfred's will. He died 30 June 889 (Flor. Wig.), and was succeeded the next year by Plegmund.

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W. H.