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1388117Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900, Volume 26 — Herebert1891Charles Lethbridge Kingsford ‎

HEREBERT or HERBERT, Saint (d. 687), hermit, resided on the island in Derwentwater which still bears his name. He was a disciple and close friend of St. Cuthbert, to whom he paid an annual visit for spiritual advice. The two friends both died on 20 March 687, Herebert suffering much from sickness before his death. In 1374 Thomas Appleby, bishop of Carlisle, directed the vicar of Crossthwaite to hold a yearly mass on St. Herebert's Isle on 15 April (the document is printed in Smith's edition of Bæda, App. p. 783). The remains of Herebert's cell are still shown. Mayhew, in his ‘Trophæa Congregationis Anglicanæ Ord. S. Benedicti,’ erroneously claims Herebert for his order.

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