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658910Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900, Volume 48 — Reynolds, Henry (fl.1630)1896George Thorn-Drury

REYNOLDS, HENRY (fl. 1630), poet and critic, the friend to whom Drayton addressed his epistle ‘Of Poets and Poesie’ (printed 1627), was the author of: 1. ‘Torquato Tasso's Aminta Englisht. To this is added Ariadne's Complaint in imitation of Anguillara …,’ London, 1628, 4to (see Arber, Transcript of the Register of the Stationers' Company, iv. 188). 2. ‘Mythomystes, wherein a short Survay is taken of the nature and value of true Poesy, and depth of the Ancients above our modern Poets. To which is annexed the tale of Narcissus briefly mythologized,’ London (1632), 4to. The book is undated; but it was entered as ‘by Henry Reynolds’ on 10 Aug. 1632 (Arber, u.s. iv. 282). Hazlitt (Handbook to Early English Literature, p. 502) mentions an edition of 1643. Payne Collier (Bibliographical Account, &c. i. 553) assigned ‘Mythomystes’ to Reynolds upon the authority of the letters ‘H. R.,’ appended to the dedication to Henry, lord Ma[l]trevers, and upon internal evidence. His ascription is confirmed by the entry above referred to; and a comparison of the ‘Tale of Narcissus’ with the ‘Aminta,’ apart from the evidence of the ‘Stationers' Register,’ leaves no doubt as to their common origin.

Reynolds, of whom beyond his friendship with Drayton no personal fact is known, has verses in Lawes's ‘Ayres and Dialogues,’ 1653 and 1655.

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