Dining Out

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Dining Out  (1908) 
by Jerome Kern (music) and George Grossmith, Jr. (lyrics)

Song from the musical Fluffy Ruffles.

Sheet music cover
When you dine out quelquefois
On the boulevards or the Bois
If you chance to be alone
Very silently you groan.
Lovely night
Such a plight
Hard is my fate
When I see
All Paris
Dining tete-a-tete.
Des hors' d'oeuvres varies
And a very nice entree.
The Champagne is much to dear
I will have a glass of beer.
I've the worst
Kind of thirst
You ever knew
Thirst for one
Ain't much fun
I've enough for two.
Bring some lobster mayonnaise
Done in sev'ral diff'rent ways.
Then some Poulet Casserole
And a marble finger bowl.
Fie for shame
What's your name
Whisper, don't fear
Did you say Maud
Oh you fraud
Come in the garden dear.
Pass the bumpers all around
Let the bubbling wine abound.
Little girls what do you say
Shall we all three get quite gay?
Fill the Cup
Drink it up
We'll have some fun
Vive Paris
You shall see
The night has just begun.

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