Directions concerning treatment of Jewish property 13 October 1941

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Directions concerning the treatment of Jewish property 13 October 1941
by Hinrich Lohse, translated by Office of the United States Chief of Counsel for Prosecution of Axis Criminality

From Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Volume III, pages 264-265, Exhibit 342-PS

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Reichs Commissioner for the East [Ostland] Sect. I1 h
Directions concerning the Treatment of Jewish Property in the Reich Commissariat Ostland of 13 October 1941
¶ 1 The total, movable and immovable properties of the Jewish population in the territories governed by the Reich's Commissioner for Easfern areas are placed under confiscation by the administration for the commission and the seizure according to the following regulations.
¶ 2 Property is defined as movable and immovable objects along with all accessories, claims, commissions, rights and interests of all types.
¶ 3.1 The confiscation will be carried out by the Reich's commissioner for the East or those officers who have been authorized by him. It can be carried out by directives to individual persons or in general by a proclamatior, and can be limited to individual objects of wealth.
¶ 3.2 The following shall be excluded from confiscation:
a. That part of the household furniture which will take care of the base essentials of life.
b. Cash, bank and savings credit, as well as bonds, up to a total value of one hundred Reichsmarks.
¶ 4.1 With the confiscation the previous owner loses all rights to dispose of the confiscated property.
¶ 4.2 Whoever has confiscated property in possession or custody, will administer it until further notice. The changing or disposal of the property or of its profits will only be allowed inside the bounds of orderly management. All other measures taken beyond this will need the approval of the Reichs commissioner for the East or those agencies authorized by him.
¶ 5.1 The property that is placed under confiscation can be brought under the administration of the commission, so far as it is necessary for orderly management.
¶5.2 The assuming of control by the administrative commission will at the same time be looked upon as confiscation.
¶5.3 The Reichs commission for the East will issue directives about the arrangement and management of thi,s administration.
¶ 6.1 Confiscated property can be called in by the Reichs commissioner for the East or by the agencies authorized by him.
¶ 6.2 The disposal of the confiscated property will be left to the authorized agencies.
¶ 6.3 These agencies will decide with finality, using administrative means, on the debts which belong to the confiscated property. The responsibility will be limited to the sales value of the confiscated property.
¶ 7 Bids for the purchase of the property which comes under confiscation can be publicly advertised.
¶ 8 The responsible authorities can demand information from everyone to carry out their task.
¶ 9.1 The following will be punished with a prison sentence and monetary fine or one of those punishments.
a. Those who will undertake to withdraw an object of value from the offices of the civil authorities or those installed with the authority for disposal, or in any other manner to thwart, to evade, or to impair the action of confiscation.
b. Those who intentionally or carelessly do not fulfill in due time or completely one of those directives imposed upon him such as an order of execution or other directive of execution, and the report and information obligations concerning it.
¶ 9.2 In severe cases the punishment is penal servitude. If the accused is charged with willful disobedience or should it be any other especially severe case the death sentence is authorized.
¶ 10 The Reichs commissioner for the East will issue the necessary measures to carry out those directives.
¶ 11 The directive will go into effect on the day of its publication.
Riga, the 13 October 1941
The Reichs Commissioner for the East
Signed :LOHSE


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