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The Weston Fire

October 23, 1883; [1]


Full Particulars of the Disaster

An East Oregonian representative visited Weston last Friday, and learned from various sources, but principally through the courtesy of the enterprising publisher of the Leader, the details of their late calamity. The fire originated in a stable in the rear of the St. Johns hotel and soon communicated to other buildings. The principal buildings destroyed were the St. Johns hotel, George Hayes saloon, the Doble property, the two barber shops, Pauly’s variety store, Rowland and Powell’s drug store, J. F. Jones large brick hardware store, and the brick dry goods store of N. Dusenbury & Co. Postmaster Wood saved all the letters and important documents. Saling and Reese’s store was protected by trees of dense foliage. A hose playing on Rowland & Powell’s drug store would probably have saved all east of Franklin street, nearly one half of the whole loss.

Whiskey was scattered around free, and many drunks resulted. The new bridge just completed over Pine creek on Main street, was completely destroyed, smoldering until morning.

Most of the losers expressed their intention of rebuilding more substantially than before, the Ridenours proceeding to prepare the foundation before the smouldering fire had ceased. A difficulty arises from the scarcity of lumber, but brick is obtainable.

The general and freely-expressed opinion of the people is that the fire was the work of a certain well-known person.

The Leader gives the following list of losses; Rowland & Powell, $7500, insurance $3000; George Hayes, $3000, no insurance, S. V. Knox, $2500, insurance $1150, W. A. Simpson, $300; N. B. Lobe, $2500, insurance $1500; F. M. Pauly, $5000, insurance $2500; Ridenour & Fagg, $1000; Ridenour Bros., $5000, insurance $2000; J. E. Jones, $18500, insurance $5500; C. W. Deputy, $600; L. Dupark, $350, J. W. Osborne, $100; N. Dusenbury & Co., $40000, insurance $20000; W. Folgenaur, $100, W. H. McCoy, $3000, insurance $1000; I. E. Saling, $1700, insurance $1000; J. B. Dupuis, $350; Thomas Purcell, $2000, Jacob Frazier, $800, probably insured; Mrs. Coffey, $7000; J. B. Schooling, $250, probably insured; C. F. Bullfinch, $300; Singer S. M. Co., $500; J. W. Miller, $2000, insurance $1000; Isaac Sylvester, $5000, said to be insured for $4600; Nelson Swaggart, $300; Watson estate, $250; A & S Childers, $3000, insured; S. Doble, $300; I.O.O.F., $250; A.F. & A.M., $250; Jacob Hartman, $300; Porter Graham, $4000; john F. Adams, 1900, no insurance, S. A. John, $1000, no insurance.

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