Eight Harvard Poets/Domesday

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<poem>THE garlands and the songs of May Shall welcome in the Judgment Day; About the basking country-side Blossom the souls of them that died. O Dead awake! Arise in bloom Upon the joyous dawn of doom.

They rise up from the bleeding earth In gracious legions of re-birth, Each as a flower or a tree Of verdant immortality. And hosts of glad-voiced angels sing In the rippling groves of spring.

From the grave of youth there grows A passionately-petaled rose, Where the virgin whitely lies A lily fair as Paradise. And in that old oak's leafy glee Some gouty sire makes sport of me,

O Dead of yore and yesterday All hail the resurrecting May!<poem> <poem>Beside you in the flowering grass The feet of youth and love shall pass, And we that greet you with a smile Shall join you in a little while.<poem>