Eight Harvard Poets/Neith

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<poem>SOMEHOW the spirit of that day — Rain-clouded streets and brooding air —

     Determined me to live and dare,

Living, to laugh the world away.

As in a crystal dreamers see

     Out of unwinding mists arise
     The splendors of some paradise

Woven of gold and ivory;

Deep in the globe of thought I saw

     Dawn from tempestuous dust that form
     Toward which the endless ages storm

Uproarious—to break with awe.

Of all things ignorant, yet wise,

     Sitting enthroned at life's last goal,
     Dividing body from the soul,

Looking at each with flameless eyes.

Immutable, unknown, unsung,

     Through triumph and delight unearned,
     Through sorrow undeserved, I learned

Salvation from thy wordless tongue.

<poem> <poem>Then flying the embracing gloom

     Of burnt-out days and parcbed desire,
     I built my soul an altar fire

Of laughter in the face of doom.<poem>