Eleanor's Victory

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Eleanor's Victory  (1863) 
by Mary Elizabeth Braddon

As serialized in Once a Week. Illustrated by George du Maurier.

I. Going Home. Part 1
II. The Entresol in the Rue l’Archevêque. Part 1
III. The Story of the Past. Part 2
IV. On the Threshold of a Great Sorrow. Part 3
V. Waiting. Part 4
VI. The Black Building by the River. Part 4
VII. Suspense. Part 5
VIII. Good Samaritans. Part 5
IX. Looking to the Future. Part 6
X. Hortensia Bannister Holds Out a Helping Hand. Part 6
XI. Richard Thornton’s Promise. Part 7
XII. Gilbert Monckton. Part 7
XIII. Hazlewood. Part 8
XIV. The Prodigal’s Return. Part 8
XV. Launcelot. Part 9
XVI. The Lawyer’s Suspicion. Part 9
XVII. The Shadow on Gilbert Monckton’s Life. Part 10
XVIII. Unforgotten. Part 10
XIX. Like the Memory of a Dream. Part 11
XX. Recognition. Part 11
XXI. On the Track. Part 12
XXII. In the Shipbroker’s Office. Part 12
XXIII. Resolved. Part 13
XXIV. The One Chance. Part 13
XXV. Accepted. Part 14
XXVI. An Insidious Demon. Part 14
XXVII. Slow Fires. Part 15
XXVIII. By the Sundial. Part 15
XXIX. Keeping Watch. Part 16
XXX. An Old Man’s Fancy. Part 16
XXXI. A Powerful Ally. Part 17
XXXII. The Testimony of the Sketch-Book. Part 17
XXXIII. Maurice de Crespigny’s Will. Part 18
XXXIV. Richard’s Discovery. Part 18
XXXV. What Happened at Windsor. Part 19
XXXVI. Another Recognition. Part 19
XXXVII. Launcelot’s Troubles. Part 20
XXXVIII. Mr. Monckton Brings Gloomy Tidings from Woodlands. Part 20
XXXIX. Launcelot’s Counsellor. Part 21
XL. Resolved. Part 21
XLI. A Terrible Surprise. Part 22
XLII. In the Presence of the Dead. Part 22
XLIII. A Brief Triumph. Part 23
XLIV. Lost. Part 23
XLV. At Sea. Part 24
XLVI. Laura’s Troubles. Part 24
XLVII. Getting Over It. Part 25
XLVIII. The Reading of the Will. Part 25
XLIX. Deserted. Part 26
L. Gilbert’s Letter. Part 26
LI. Mrs. Major Lennard. Part 27
LII. Going Back to Paris. Part 27
LIII. Margaret Lennard’s Delinquencies. Part 28
LV. Very Lonely. Part 29
LVI. Victor Bourdon Goes Over to the Enemy. Part 29
LVII. The Horrors of Delirium Tremens. Part 30
LVIII. Maurice de Crespigny’s Bequest. Part 31
LIX. The Day of Reckoning. Part 31
LX. Chapter the Last. Part 31