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From volume II of the work.
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ANKOBAR, or Ankober, the capital of the kingdom of Shoa in Abyssinia, situated in lat. 9° 34′ N. and long. 39° 35′ E., on a mountain about 8200 feet above the level of the sea. The appearance of Ankobar is somewhat peculiar; its houses, ill-built wooden structures, with conical thatched roofs, are irregularly dotted over the side of the hill; a rude fortification of stakes and branches protects the upper portion of the town, while the palace, a more pretentious, but very ugly stone building, crowns the summit. Ankobar enjoys many natural advantages, its climate especially being remarkable for mildness and salubrity. Its population is about 5000, but during the residence of the court it rises to 15,000.