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ANSTRUTHER-EASTER, a royal and parliamentary burgh of Scotland, in the county of Fife, situated on the Firth of Forth, 9 miles S. of St Andrews. It is on the whole an ill-built place, containing tanning, shipbuilding, and fish-curing establishments, and carrying on a considerable amount of sea-fishing and some coasting trade, to accommodate which a new harbour is in course of construction, under the direction of the Board of Fisheries. In 1871 the parliamentary burgh, which, along with Anstruther- Wester, Crail, Cupar, Kilrenny, Pittcnweem, and St Andrews, returns one member to parliament, contained 1289 inhabitants; the royal burgh had a population of 1169. Dr Thomas Chalmers was born at Anstruther-Easter in 1780.