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DENAIN, a town of France, in the department of Nord, and arrondissement of Valenciennes, 14 miles to the east of Douai, on the Scheldt Canal and the railway between Anzin and Somain. A mere village in the beginning of the present century, it has rapidly increased since 1850, and now, according to the census of 1872, possesses about 10,500 inhabitants, who are mainly engaged in coal mines, iron-smelting works, sugar factories, and distilleries. The village was the scene of the decisive victory gained, in 1712, by Marshal Villars over the allies commanded , Prince Eugene ; and the battle-field is marked by a mono lithic monument inscribed with the verses of Voltaire Regardez dans Denain I audacieux Villars Disputant le tonnerre a 1 aigle des Cesars.