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DENVER, a city of the United States of America, capital of the State of Colorado, and of Arapahoe county, occupies a commanding position on the south bank of the South Platte river, where it is joined by the Cherry creek, 500 miles west of the Missouri,—its elevation above the level of the sea being 5267 feet. The town, which is of recent origin, and mostly built of brick, contains some large public buildings connected with the State administration, as well as a large public school, a State library, and churches belonging to the different denominations. It forms the centre of an important railway system, and has several factories engaged in smelting, iron founding, and wood work, besides a mint for assaying gold and silver ore, breweries, wool mills, &c. The population, which numbered 4759 in 1870, and was estimated at 15,000 in 1873, is rapidly increasing.