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AZUNI, Domenico Alberto, a distinguished jurist and writer on international law, was born at Sassari, in Sardinia, in 1749. He studied law at Sassari and Turin, and in 1782 was made judge of the consulate at Nice. In 1786-88 he published his Dizionario Universale Ragionato ddla Giurisprudenza Mercantile. In 1795 appeared his sys tematic work on the maritime law of Europe, Sistem a Univer sale dei Principii del Diritto Maritime dell Europa, of which a second edition was demanded in the following year. A French translation by Digeoii was published in 1798, and in 1 805 Azuni recast the work, and translated it into French. In 1806 he was appointed one of the French commission engaged in drawing up a general code of commercial law, and in the following year he proceeded to Genoa as pre sident of the court of appeal. After the fall of Napoleon in 1814, Azuni lived for a time in retirement at Genoa, till he was invited to Sardinia by Victor Emmanuel I., and appointed judge of the consulate at Cagliari, and director of the university library. He resided at Cagliari till his death in 1827. Besides the works above mentioned, Azuni wrote numerous pamphlets and minor works, chiefly on maritime law, an important treatise on the origin and pro gress of maritime law (Paris, 1810), and an historical, geographical, and political account of Sardinia (1st ed. 1799 ; 2d, much enlarged, 1802).