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EL PASO, or El Paso Del Norte, a town of Mexico, in the state of Chihuahua, situated on the Rio Grande, in a narrow valley near the frontier of New Mexico, 340 miles W.S.W. of Santa Fe, 31° 42' N. lat., 106° 40' W. long. The name is often applied to a whole group of small settlements on the Rio Grande, but belongs properly to the largest of their number, which owes its origin to the establishment of a military post. It is situated in the chief thoroughfare between New Mexico and Chihuahua. The town is a mere collection of brick huts without windows, and with earthen floors. In the district the vine is largely cultivated, and wine and brandy are manufac- tured. On account of the fertility of the soil the inhabi- tants enjoy an abundance of material luxuries, but they are totally ignorant of most of the appliances of civilized life. The population is about 6000.