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ATJRIFABER, JOANNES, a Lutheran divine, born at Breslau in 1517. He was educated at Wittenberg, and was there specially attracted to Melanchthon, with whom he ever afterwards remained on terms of close friendship. After graduating in 1538 he spent twelve years as docent at the university, and having then received his doctorate of divinity, was appointed professor of divinity and pastor of the church of St Nicholas at Rostock. He distinguished himself by his prudence and conciliatory disposition, took a leading part in the composition of the regulations for the Mecklenburg Church, and was successful in allay ing some religious disputes in the town of Liibeck. Tha Grand-duke Albert of Prussia, who was very desirous of healing the differences in the Prussian Church caused by the discussion of Osiander s doctrines, was attracted by Aurifaber, invited him to Konigsberg in 1553, and in the following year appointed him to the professorship of divinity in that university, and to the presidency of the Samland diocese. Aurifaber, however, found it impossible to conciliate all parties, and in 1565 returned to Breslau, where, for the three remaining years of his life, he dis charged the joint offices of pastor in the church of Sfc Elizabeth and director of the Lutheran Church and schools. He died 19th October 1568.