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STEUBENVILLE, a city of the United States, county seat of Jefferson county, Ohio, lies 43 miles west of Pittsburgh, on the west bank of the Ohio river, here a third of a mile wide and crossed by a railway bridge. Built above a productive coalfield, and with an abundant supply of natural gas for fuel purposes, Steubenville has naturally become a manufacturing centre (foundries, rolling-mills, nail and glass factories, potteries, machine-shops, flour-mills, &c.), and as the surrounding district is a good farming, wool-growing, and stock-raising country it is the seat of considerable commercial activity. The court-house is a particularly fine building. In 1870 the population was 8107, in 1880 12,093. Steubenville, so called after Baron Steuben, one of Washington's generals, grew up round a fort erected in 1787. It became a city in 1851.