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TITUSVILLE, a city of the United States, in Crawford county, Pennsylvania, in 41° 38′ N. lat. and 79° 42′ W. long., stands upon Oil Creek, in the midst of the oil region of north-western Pennsylvania. Its predominant industries have reference to the production, refining, and transportation of petroleum. It has two railroads—the Dunkirk, Allegheny, and Pittsburg, and the Buffalo, New York, and Philadelphia. The city had a population of 8639 in 1870 and of 9046 in 1880.

Titusville, originally a small lumbering town, began its career of prosperity in 1859, when oil was discovered in this region, and during the succeeding years it was the scene of very great activity. It was chartered in 1867, when at the zenith of its prosperity. Since that time it has settled down to a less feverish and more healthy growth.