Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007/Title I

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Subtitle A—Increased Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards
Sec. 101. Short Title.
Sec. 102. Average Fuel Economy Standards For Automobiles And Certain Other Vehicles.
Sec. 103. Definitions.
Sec. 104. Credit Trading Program.
Sec. 105. Consumer Information.
Sec. 106. Continued Applicability Of Existing Standards.
Sec. 107. National Academy Of Sciences Studies.
Sec. 108. National Academy Of Sciences Study Of Medium-Duty And Heavy-Duty Truck Fuel Economy.
Sec. 109. Extension Of Flexible Fuel Vehicle Credit Program.
Sec. 110. Periodic Review Of Accuracy Of Fuel Economy Labeling Procedures.
Sec. 111. Consumer Tire Information.
Sec. 112. Use Of Civil Penalties For Research And Development.
Sec. 113. Exemption From Separate Calculation Requirement.
Subtitle B—Improved Vehicle Technology
Sec. 131. Transportation Electrification.
Sec. 132. Domestic Manufacturing Conversion Grant Program.
Sec. 133. Inclusion Of Electric Drive In Energy Policy Act Of 1992.
Sec. 134. Loan Guarantees For Fuel-Efficient Automobile Parts Manufacturers.
Sec. 135. Advanced Battery Loan Guarantee Program.
Sec. 136. Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Incentive Program.
Subtitle C—Federal Vehicle Fleets
Sec. 141. Federal Vehicle Fleets.
Sec. 142. Federal Fleet Conservation Requirements.