English for Teachers/Unit 5/Chapter 5

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Unit 5

Chapter 5

I. Review Reading

Higher education in America today appears to be quite different from the traditional idea of a four year "liberal arts" education. More people than ever before are going to college and, in order to accommodate them, colleges are changing rapidly.

To enter most colleges, the American no longer needs to take an entrance exam. Everyone is judged on the basis of his high school grades. If they are not high enough, one may even get into college on a probationary basis. This means one has to pass all courses with at least a "C" average.

The American student does not have to compete in the same manner as the Korean for entrance into a good school. Also, he may drop out at any time without losing face. As a result the American student seems more relaxed and open-minded.

In a democratic society, there are few social or economic restrictions on higher education. In America, many housewives and businessmen are part-time college students as well. Therefore college education must be open-ended. It has to offer the student the variety of skills necessary for his goals, whatever they may be.

II. Activity

A. Number the sentences in the reading and label them with an "F" if they are FACT and an "0" if they are OPINION.

B. Write five facts and five opinions about higher education in Korea.

C. Using patterns you have studied, write one paragraph comparing and one paragraph contrasting some of the facts and opinions in (A.) and (B.)

III. Vocabulary

higher education
liberal arts


IV. Writing

Choose the bad sentences and rewrite them.

  1. Most American students do not feel to work hard.
  2. American students often appear undisciplined and disrespectful.
  3. We must work hard for to succeed.
  4. Most children go to school by foot.
  5. Changho is not so tall as his brother.
  6. This perfume smells nicely.
  7. How does Pusan differ to Seoul?
  8. He studied hard in order to pass the exam.
  9. To grow healthily, we need playing as well as working.
  10. Bill looks as his father.
  11. We usually don't say like that.
  12. He came to work as high as a cucumber.

V. Quotation

Examinations are formidable even to the best prepared, for the greatest fool may ask more than the wisest man can answer.