English for Teachers/Unit 6/Chapter 2

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Unit 6

Chapter 2

Two-Word Verbs or Verb + Particle (p. 463)

Two word verbs are also called "verb plus particle." The particle is part of the verb. Compare "call" and "call up" or "sweep" and "sweep away".

Verb + particle (Transitive) has three forms.

  1. I called Duane up.
  2. I called up Duane.
  3. I called him up.

Verb + particle (Intransitive) has only one form.
I came over last week.
She's going to stand up.

I. Writing

  1. Identify the eight two word verbs in the Comprehensive Reading.
  2. Use these verbs to fill in the blanks in the following sentences.
  1. We _______ a call for help.
  2. Please _______ the car _______.
  3. The men _______ the bridge safely.
  4. She _______ the boy _______ home.
  5. The ocean is constantly _______ the sand on the beach.
  6. The road was impassable. We had to _______.
  7. He _______ last week to see me.
  8. The storm _______ everything in its path.

II. Exchanges

A: She's going to drive back today.
B: Oh, maybe I can go along.

A: Can I call you up sometime?
B: Sure. Here's my number.

A: You aren't going to turn around, are you?
B: Yes, I think I will.

III. Writing

In the sentences below there are two-word verbs.
If the word order can be changed, make the change.

  1. She put her new dress on.
  2. Will you bring back my umbrella?
  3. Call me back in about an hour.
  4. Hang the phone up for me, please.
  5. She likes to show off her talent.
  6. I can't figure out the answer,
  7. I can't figure it out.
  8. Come back when you are finished.
  9. Come right back.
  10. We had to look up the answer.
  11. Can you help me out?
  12. He was glad to help the students out.
  13. Take off your hat and stay awhile.
  14. Don't throw away good material.